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family history help- leyland


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hi all

can anyone help me im researching a family for A Mate of mine

but with tireless searching i keep coming up blank.

so if anyone can help

we are looking for a

John Leyland

who married

catherine davies

had a son james leyland april 1912

born in blackburn lanashire is there anyone who can help?

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Can't promise anything but I am half Leyland. My Great grandfather Joseph Leyland had a brother John Thomas Leyland who was born on 3 Dec 1853. I dont have any other details yet but your mates rellie may be descended from him. If you want, get him to email me at: pals@allpcg.com. This is a holding email address that I use for members misc. requests for the Deathpenny site.

Peter ;)

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well this is who i have been thinking it was

because on the census is does say he was a cottern mill worker as on the birth cert

it says on ancestry.com that he was a brother in law does either of you know whos his sister

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