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Can anyone recommend a reputable medal dealer?

Yorkshire Andy

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Hi Everyone,

As the title says, can anyone recommend a good, reputable medal dealer? I'm trying to purchase a specific DSO, Pip, Squeak and Wilfred set that I know went to auction a few years ago but am currently unable to locate. I'm not sure of the year of the auction as all I have is a "part clipping" of the auction details that show the reasons the DSO was awarded and giving a guide price of £500 - £600 for the lot. Anyone got any clues as to when this sort of auction price was?

I don't want to state to whom they are named at the moment other than to say he was no one famous and is a relative of my girlfriend who survived the war ( he was the one who did the surviving bit, she wasn't born then :P ) and who was in the London Scottish (that narrows it down a bit for you :) ). I want to try and return the set to her family if I can. However, I will need the services of a specialist in this field. I don't know the current value of set like this but would be willing to pay in excess of the market value to adequately compensate the current owner plus a suitable finders fee to the person who can persuade the current owner to part with the set. Which is why I need to engage the services of someone reputable to whom this sort of thing is their livelihood. I hope this approach will also prevent me from purchasing "ringers" or just getting plain ripped off.

Many thanks for any assistance anyone can offer either as a post or by IM.


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A very charitable and noble act (hope she's worth it!)

Unfortunately words like 'needle', 'haystack', 'wild horses' and 'holy grail' spring to mind. I think you need a detective rather than a medal dealer!

If you were able to publish the details of the medals you seek then I feel sure that a number of the Pals on the Forum would be able to give you a number of pointers.

As regards getting ripped off, I'm afraid that if the group is as good as you indicate then the price, assuming the present owner would even contemplate parting with it, is going to be high. You are probably looking at somewhere between 2 and 3 times the price you mention.

Sorry not to be of any more help.


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depends what the DSO was awarded for, but you will be paying upwards of 3 times what the auction guide price was. Why not place a ad in the medals news, however you will have to give all the details.

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Guest Ian Bowbrick


This is not the sort of thing dealers will necessarily get involved with - what you need to do is use the OMRS medaltracker and put the word around the London Scots collectors.

The problems here are three-fold:

1. Identifying who has the group?

2. Getting them to part with it?

3. Agreeing a price?

Finders fee - well that is another issue.

Good luck but if I was you use the money to take on a 6 week holiday to Hawaii.


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