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Died in 1919, would you get Death Plaque?


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My Great Grandfather, sapper THOMAS RICHARD CLAGUE, died in 1919 from the result of being gassed and invalided out of the Army on 11th April 1916. Would his widow recieved a death plaque?

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I have a Trio and Plaque to a Gunner, RFA who died in February 1919 in the UK - flu victim.

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Guest Pete Wood

If a soldier was still serving, his next of kin was entitled to a plaque up until 1920 (the month varied, according to whether the soldier was based at home or overseas).

If the soldier was invalided out, but it could be 'proved' (by a doctor) that death - up to 7 years after leaving the services - was due to war-time causes, then the family were entitled to a plaque.

But the family would, in this case, have had to apply for it. Otherwise, how would the War Office know he had died of his injuries....??

Sadly, no complete paperwork exists to tell if the family applied for (or received) a plaque. You will, however, sometimes find a receipt for the plaque in a soldier's records (if they survive).

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Sadly my G.G.fathers's service records we destroyed,although I do have his Trio,SWB info and discharge certificate. I also have a copy of his death certificate which states that he had problems with his heart- which would tally with him being invalided out in 1916. The plaque may be out there somewhere perhaps ,or could I have a repro one made, did anyone start making them?

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Unfortunately the surname isn't too common. Otherwise I would suggest looking out for a plaque with the same name.

I've checked the online MICs and there's 12 Thomas Clague's, but only one (I assume your G-Granfather) Thomas Richard.

BUT if you want to cheat a little, there are 2 entries for "Thomas Clague". Keep an eye out (for a while!) - you never know.

Thomas Clague MIC entries


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