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Remembered Today:

Allied Military Campaign in North Russia

Mike Cross

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I hope that it is okay to post this here - I used to know my way around the forum but feeling a little lost in the new version still.


An interesting lecture and lecturer will be at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, Park Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire at 7pm on July 13th.

Tickets £15, include wine and small eats.  Proceeds are for the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (a proper charity!)

See http://www.sofo.org.uk/whatson.php


Chris has already posted this in the forum event diary but perhaps I can bring this to the attention of a wider audience here.



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A bit more info...............


"Chris Baker, founder of the Great War Forum, explains the genesis of the Allied intervention in Bolshevik Russia, before exploring the muddled and under-resourced military campaign that developed. The talk covers the military actions in the Murmansk and Archangel areas during 1918 -20 and the final uneasy withdrawal from the Arctic"

Buy tickets online, by phone or at the museum. http://ow.ly/F2iu3008aIa

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Is the talk recorded anywhere? I have a particular interest in the campaign in North Russia and if available would be interested in viewing it.

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