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160th Wearside Brigade RFA

kevin donaldson

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Hello folks, if there is anybody out there that has a keen interest in the 160th Wearside Brigade, i would highly recommend 'The Idle and Dissolute' by Phillip William Adams. I have the great pleasure in speaking to Phillip a few times over the last couple of years regarding this book and his following/research of the brigade. This book has a detailed account of the day to day accounts of the brigade as well as personnel accounts of soldiers who served with the brigade.

I bought this book last year and took it on my last trip to France and Belgium, and what a great source of information it was when i touring.

I hope this helps anybody that is studying the 160th lads.




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Hi Kevin,

Yes this is a great book, I would say that, as my grandfather is in it !!!.    It is a great work by Philip Adams on the Idle and Dissolute. 160th RFA.

My grandfather, Robert YK Walker was also a old contemptible as he was at the Mons Retreat, and beaing Idie and Dissolute, he had two badges of honour that you could only get in the british army at that time, WW1.

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Remembering  Captain Walker MC, commanding the D/160th July 1916, then promoted to A/Major January 1917.

From, The History of the 160th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.
By P.W. Adams.

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It can not be understated; how important Major Walker was to the 160th (Wearside) Brigade. He brought a wealth of experience and level of professionalism (and humanity) that would help shape the men under his command into the effect fighting force they became. A soldier and man of the very highest calibre. Lest We Forget.

Reply to my Facebook post on 11/11/2022 remembering Major Walker and all who fought in WWI

From Idle and Dissolute, the history of the 160th (Wearside) Brigade.

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