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Location of "Y" Camp, near St Jean, 1917

Grandad Archie

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I am tracing the movements of my Grandfather prior to Third Ypres, and wanting to find the location of ‘Y’ Camp. He was in the New Zealand Division, 2nd Infantry Brigade, 1st Battalion (Infantry) Otago Regiment, 10th (North Otago) Company.

I have found references around the 10th October 1917 such as ‘The 1st Battalion had left "Y" Camp an hour later’, and "Battalion moved by busses to “Y” Camp, near St Jean’.

So far, having searched all the information I have, I have been unable to locate exactly where “Y” Camp was, and will be grateful if somebody knows more of where it was.

Thanks in advance


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I assume you have his record from Archway??

Were you aware that The Anzac Corps were alternatively coded as K Corps and Y Corps?

Y is used to denote many different camps and other infrastructure, there is Y Corps Main Dressing Station, Oosthoek Novemeber 1917. Y Corps Rest Camp etc.

St Jean is on Sheet 28 NW2

Never quite sure whether Archway or AWM have NZ diaires but as Y Corps/Camp was used by the ANZAC Corps there are probably numerous refs to Y Camp.


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Scrub most of the above.

Ancestry diaries have several hits for Y Camp, there were more than one Y Camp.

There are locations given for it at Watou and St Jan tear Biezen. Saint Jean seems too close to front line to be a camp area. I think St Jean must be St Jan ter Biezen, west of Pop and not the link said before.

Suggestion 2 is Sheet 27NE All of square L.3 has parts of a camp, St Jan Ter Biezen.

NB there is another Y camp in sq L.2.c.4.7 but on sheet 51c, further south.


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