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Jasta 10 Iwuy airfield


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Hello to all,

New on this forum, I'm looking for all documents about the Iwuy airfield occupied by Jasta 10 from November 25th 1917 to November 29th 1917.

The leader was Hans Klein and the planes were Pfalz D IIIa.

They left Iwuy for Avesnes le Sec Airfield to join Jasta 11, Avesnes le sec was then occupied by 2 airfields till March 20th 1918. The airfield seemed to have been used as a secondary airfield till march 20th 1918.

Avesnes le sec was then the Headquarters of the JG1 directed by Manfred Von Richthofen. (JG1 was made of JG 4 installed at Bouchain, Jasta 6 at Lieu St Amand, Jasta 10 at Iwuy and Jasta 11 at Avesnes le Sec)

Does anyone has got "Air reconnaissance photograhs of the IWUY airfield, does anyone know the exact position of this airfield.

I'm also interested by air reconnaissance photographs of the Bouchain, Lieu St Amand and Avesnes le sec airfields

The only informations I've got are those written in :

Hunting With Richthofen: The Bodenschatz Diaries: Sixteen Months of Battle with J G Freiherr Von Richthofen No. 1. Grub Street, 1998, ISBN 1-898697-97-3.

There are no photos known taken at the Iwuy airfield except the one who is on page 23 of Greg Van Wyngarden book "Pfalz Scout Aces of WWI"

This photo is probably the Hans Klein's Pfalz DIIIA upside down at Iwuy airfield by Novembrer 25th 1917.

The main aces present at Iwuy were Eric Löwenhardt (54) Hans Klein (22) and Aloys Heldman (15)

On this aerial map : http://digitalarchive.mcmaster.ca/islandora/object/macrepo%3A4162/-/collection(taken August 29th 1918) only the Avesnes le Sec Airfields are indicated

Thanks for your help

Best regards


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