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Alverstoke Relief or Alverstoke VAD Hospital


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Afternoon all,

Does anyone have anything, especially a picture, on Alverstoke VAD Hospital, which appears on the gravestone of one of its nurses as Alverstoke Relief Hospital?

I'd be very pleased to know as I have had an enquiry about the nurse in question (who I have been able to trace).

I'm asking around local people as well (and the Museum of the order of St John has a file on it), but GWF is always worth a try.

Best regards,


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Righto, I have been supplied with the information by my colleague at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies:

Alverstoke VAD hospital, commandant Inspector-General Sir Henry C. Woods, based in the Alverstoke National Children's Home building.


Alverstoke Relief Hospital (an overflow site?), commandant Inspector-General Sir Henry C. Woods, may have been either a house called Brookfield http://www.carehome.co.uk/carehome.cfm/searchazref/10001035BROC

- or less possibly a house called Lisnamandra, which happened to be Sir Henry's home (I pass it every day on my way in to the library). http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=21288224&sale=26702339&country=england

The nurse in question was his daughter Kathleen Felicia Devereux Woods, born 1872, who died of influenza in October 1918 "after four years of devoted service to the sick and wounded soldiers of the Alverstoke Relief Hospital."

Leaving this here in case anyone else finds it useful.


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