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WW1 Gaza uniform


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I am currently busy with a 1/35 model of a MK1 male (Otazel) stranded at the Gaza beach in 1917

see pictures

I want to put a figure with the tank , but there aren't much WW1 figures, let alone Gaza figures....

Now I found a WW II figure from "the Bodï"

and my question is : can I use this figure

I don't konw much about uniforms and don't know if this is a suitable uniform forthe Gaza setting

If not what should be changed to get it right

hope some one can help me






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Try this = believed to be the crew of HMLS Tiger

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Although the Bodi make quality products and the figure you post is fine for WW2, if you want to be accurate I don't think it would work unless you want to do a conversion. Too many differences between WW2 and WW1. In Gaza, would they be wearing KD type clothing for hot climates?

D-Day miniatures has a couple 1/35th scale figures, a tank crew NCO and a staff officer. Pawel Krasicki sculpted and painted them. I think several more tank crew are planned. Neither of these figures is wearing KD unfortunately.

High caliber miniatures / Stalingrad products make a five figure set of 1/35th scale British tankers. http://highcalibreminiatures.com/collections/stalingrad/products/bigset-of-british-tank-corps-world-war-i/ Again, none of them are in KD.

Suggest a search of GWF for KD uniforms. I think there have been several posts. The three attached photos show non-tankers wearing KD, I believe.

I don't know how experienced a model maker you are, but be aware also that not all 1/35th scale products match well enough to be used in the same vignette or diorama.

All the best,





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