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Pte John J Hall 19/470 DLI

Jon K Hall

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Hoping someone can shed some light on my Grandfather's time in WW1. He enlisted at Stockton-on Tees 03/031915 and his number would denote that he joined the 19th DLI, a Bantam battalion even though he was about 6ft tall. At some point he was a casualty (Gas) although he did manage to survive the war. His Silver Badge entry states that he served in the 19th, 2nd and 11th battalions and I am curious as to why he was moved around instead of remaining with the19th. Also, the DLI is prefixed with 'Kings Own' or is this an error.

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Men could be moved for any reason the army saw fit although the most common reason was due to illness or injury - whilst away his place in the battalion was often filled by someone else and then, once fit, he would be sent back out and re-allocated to fill a vacancy in another battalion.

Where are you seeing the 'Kings Own' bit ? It's not mentioned on the SWB roll - is it on the SWB Medal index card, Medal Index Card or Medal Roll ?.


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Sorry Craig for the late reply, been away for a while....  My mistake, his medal index card and War badge record reads RDLI not Kings Own. (getting him confused with another

family member)

Is there any way of finding out when/where he was 'gassed'? I'm guessing it could have been in 1916 as he was obviously home around October or I would not be writing this.




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