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47th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery


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I am trying to follow the progress of the 47th Siege Battery during the Battle of the Somme. I have the war diary and I know that they were in the 4th Army, 14th Heavy Artillery Group. Grateful if anyone can tell me if they were attached to a Division or if not which Division were they supporting. Since the 18th and 30th had some success on the first day of the battle taking Montauban, it would be good if the 47th were associated with one of these units.

Many thanks


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RGA unlike RFA and RHA were attached at Corps or Army level. I don't have anything to hand on the 14th HAG but I would suggest you need to identify the Corps and look for the War Diary for their Commander Heavy Artillery


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Thanks for reply. On looking a little deeper I believe the 47th was in either the XIII or XV Corps. Latter commanded by General Sir Henry horne.



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On 1 July, 14 Heavy Artillery Group was in support of XV Corps, which had 7th and 21st Divisions in line and 17th Division in support. They attacked either side of Fricourt.

(British Official History, 1916 Volume I)


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