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I am conducting some research into my wife's Grandfather, General Lashmer "Bolo" Whistler. We intend a trip to France to follow in his footsteps during his campaigns in both WW1 and WW2. During the First War, Lieutenant Whistler was in the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment. He travelled to France in late 1917 joining the 13th Service Battalion. In March 1918, the 13th Service Battalion amalgamated into the 116th Brigade of The 39th Division. Bolo moved onto The Somme Battlefields and fought for 3 to 4 weeks before being wounded and taken prisoner. I have found that The 39th Division fought at St Quentin on 21st to 23rd March, The Somme Crossing on 24th to 25th March and at Rosieres en Santerre on 26th to 27th March. This is all the information I have. I was hoping someone could perhaps identify exactly where Bolo fought, as his granddaughter would like to try and visit this location. Secondly, after his capture he was imprisoned in Cologne at an old military base called Ulriche Gasse. I can find a street called Ulriche Gasse but nothing else. Again any information on the location of the POW camp would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, regards Mark.

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For the Great War I would start with the War Diaries http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/rd/e305ff24-9f9d-41db-bad7-a4a474f2c428 War Diaries state the location and so are pretty important if you want to follow in his footsteps. In parallel I would have a look at these websites:




You could also talk to the Redoubt in Eastbourne, they have helped me in the past with 13th Royal Sussex research. http://www.eastbournemuseums.co.uk/

The barracks (Kaserne) in Koln that you are after were on Ulrichgasse at its junction with Kartauserwall. The Ulrepforte was next door to it.

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The Kaserne on Ulrichsgasse


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