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A/Sgt Frederick Post MM London Regiment


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Dear All,

I've been researching a chap named Frederick Post who served with the London Regiment who (according to his MIC) served with the 1st and 2nd Battalion, London Regiment, but I have hit a bit of a brick wall and was wondering if any members might be able to help.

So far I know (and I think I have this correct), that he served with the London Regiment and initially had the number 2608. His first area of service is down as Egypt and the date provided is 30/08/1915. The MIC also suggests that his first battalion was the 2nd Battalion, which would fit as the 2nd Battalion served in Egypt and Gallipoli.

His Medal Roll for the pair notes:

4a (Egypt) - 30/08/1915-5/10/1915

2b (Gallipoli) - 7/10/1915-28/12/1915

1a (France) - 18/12/1916-12/07/1918

I am assuming he must have been wounded during the evacuation of Gallipoli/taken ill on the return home as one page of his service file survives stating he was discharged from hospital on the 15th March 1915.

He then seems to have moved to the 1st battalion as his Medal Roll and MIC both note 1st Battalion London Regiment.

Now. Am I correct in thinking that by London Regiment they mean Royal Fusiliers (Territorial Army) or I am actually looking at the Royal Fusiliers (City of London) Regiment? I am keen to try and pull war dairies to find out what the MM was for, and don't want to end up searching through the wrong war diaries.

I was also wondering if any members had any information on Post, as at the moment I have very little on him.

Any help at all would be great,


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You are correct, 1st Battalion The London Regiment is Territorial Force although (Royal Fusiliers) appears in the full title and can thus cause confusion with the Royal Fusiliers, Regular Army.

If you have not got it, his M.M. was gazetted in August 1917 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30243/supplement/8645 so the action was probably during the Battle of Arras.

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