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Guest chills

I recently found a small photo of two of my uncles Charles David Chilstone and his younger brother Edward Stancey Chilstone in uniform and decided to pursue their history. They had been born in India and were resident there at the time of the outbreak.

Their father had been in the British Army as had been their grandfather and great grandfather there

I did find that they had served in the Royal Field Artillery and their service numbers. Can anyone tell me how I would find the Brigade they served in so that I can get their full records.

Both were to survive the war, Charles to settle in Mesopatamia however Edward ( who it appears had put his age up by 3 years or so) did not have what appears to be a good life after it. He was to die in 1933 and in his death certificate it was stated that he was an exserviceman and unemployed. I do know from family members that his wife and children had abandoned him. I would like to find out if he had suffered from some injury/syndrome as a result of his service.

Thank you,


"Everyone has a story to tell and it should be told"

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Have you checked out service papers on Ancestry/ findmypast, and Medal Index Cards and Medal Rolls on Ancestry (and elsewhere)?

Except for a few exceptions such as the Volunteer Artillery Battery which was formed in India, and became part of the Royal Artillery, records for recruits into the Royal Artillery in India will be the same as for those recruited in the UK.

The Volunteer Artillery Battery is described in the FIBIS Fibiwiki page of that name http://wiki.fibis.org/index.php/Volunteer_Artillery_Battery

If you explain where you obtained the information you have, and the service numbers, this may enable Forum members to provide more information.

Did Charles continue with the Army or the British Administration in Mesopotamia after the war? I have not heard of civilians actually settling there. If he continued with the Army after January 1921 (after April 1922 for officers) his records would still be with the Ministry of Defence.



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  • Admin

Edward's service record is on FMP Headlines - gave his age as 19 years and one month on enlistment on the 11 February 1915 at Calcutta.Service number 88833. Posted 38th Battery RFA Spent most of the war in India, Rawalpindi.

24.10.1918 disembarked Basrah immediately admitted to hospital with a 'NYD I.e.not yet diagnosed' fever, later admitted for malaria. Previously suffered sandfly fever and malaria while serving in India..He left Mesopatamia for demobilisation October 1919.

Charles record does not appear to have survived, or as suggested above if he continued after 1920 may be at the MoD. An RFA expert may be able to help with his service number - Charles Chilstone RFA 288961 FMP has a 288960 Moon who was allocated the number on joining 54th Brigade on 6.12. 1918. but that would not qualify Chilstone for the medals as shown on his mic.

Moon served in Salonika incidentally Chilstone is the only one on that page of the Rolls where a previous TF number is not shown as I said we need an expert!

FMP also has Charles Chilstone b.1861 served India Burma KRRC father?


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Edward Stanelly (sic) Chilstone married Ellen Emily Norris on 8 January 1922 at Sacred Heart Church, Dharmatala.

He gave his age as 23, his occupation as Assistant Manager Kellner(?) and his residence as Delhi.(FMP)

The record of Charles and Edward's father also Charles is available in FMP. He took his discharge in India and joined the East India Railway. He was driver when he died in 1905 aged 45. (FMP)

His widow Mabel Esther (ms Herne) married another E I Railway driver, Edwin Rudolph Young in 1908. As Mrs Mabel Young she is given as Edward's next of kin on his service record. (all from FMP).

I wonder if having joined the RFA (British Army) in India, they were posted to RFA units already in India? That certainly seems to be the case with Edward.

I can see three Chilstone baptisms listed in FMP in the 1920s. Unfortunately they are only register transcripts giving only the child's name and the date. Are these Edward's children? The last was Patricia Maureen Chilstone in 1929. If they are his children, it might be interesting to find out what his status was as time went. In theory (much emphasised) it looks as if things were OK when he married.

Roger M

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Guest chills

thank you so much for the information that you have supplied me.....The research on my British roots in India has been very troublesome in that I have been unable to get much information on them.

Edwards great grandfather Thomas Kilroy had been in the Connaught Rangers when they were there around about the Mutiny. He died shortly after and his widow married one of the regiment. His daughter Elizabeth Kilroy ( 14 at the time) had married James Grady , a sergeant major with the regiment, who then died ....I had attempted to find any records which gave information on the women who accompanied the regiment, however this was not done until after 1863( From memory)..Edwards grandfather David Herne had married Elizabeth Grady nee Kilroy he was with the 77th Regiment. I had a researcher do some work on him but the file had been misplace/misfiled and I was unable to get any more information as to his birthplace, date etc...

As regards Edward and Charles war service, there was a very cryptic note that they had served in Europe, but from the info. above this does not seem to be the case.

I will have to get a researcher to do the work on Charles Chilstone Service No.288961

Again thank you for the information /facts supplied.


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If Charles Chilstone was born before 1901 and continued on with the Army after January 1921, there is a finding aid issued by the Ministry of Defence which will indicate whether the Ministry of Defence has a file. If there is a file, you can then order it from the MoD.

Details on the FIBIS Fibiwiki page British Army, section Army personnel serving after January 1921


If you want to research the other Army ancestors in India, read the other sections about records on the FIBIS Fibiwiki page British Army. The service records, if available would be on findmypast. If not, try the muster rolls at the National Archives- personal visit or researcher required.



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