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Now available: digitisation of Monthly Army Lists: NLS and other sources


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The National Library of Scotland, which has previously digitised Quarterly Army Lists, is in the process of digitising Monthly Army Lists.

"We have digitised these books over the past months and are currently preparing them for online delivery through our website, alongside our other digitised Military Lists. We expect them to be online later this summer and hope that many readers find them a valuable addition to our digitised collections".

The Quarterly Army Lists provide details of career officers, while the Monthly Army Lists provide details of temporary officers.



Edit: The Lists to be digitised appear to be 1913-1919

Edit: Title edited to show now available.

Edit:Title edited to include "and other sources".

Edited by Maureene
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This will be a very useful additional research source

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  • 3 months later...

Except when you try to download them... "error in server application".  


A lot of these have been around for a while, but nice to see (potentially) more readily available.

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Thanks for advising Alf McM.  I have edited the title of this topic to show the Lists are now available.


I was able to read a volume online with no problems, but did not try to download one. Anyone with download problems should advise the National Library of Scotland, so they can fix the problem.


Staffsyeoman, I was not aware of any Monthly Lists being online previously, except for a few on the Hathi Trust Digital Library only accessible by those in areas such as North America. Where were you able to previously able to access them?




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FYI, I just downloaded (as pdf files) August and September, 1914, as well as May, 1940. Works fine.


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There are now some Monthly Army Lists online for the 1880s.


Monthly Army List, editions from September 1881 to December 1885 Digital Collection, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. Most digital files appear to contain two monthly Lists. Personal experience was that a file was slow to download. Note these are copies of Google Book files, so those in North America etc may be able to find the Google Books file, and read online and search.




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  • MaureenE changed the title to Now available: digitisation of Monthly Army Lists: NLS and other sources

Some further Monthly Army Lists online, mainly for years not available from National Library of Scotland, whose range is 1913-1919.


Monthly Lists, January 1910 to December 1920 (broken range) HathiTrust Digital Library.

The 1920 editions are August 1920, Contents September 1920, Contents;  October 1920, Contents;  December 1920, Contents.


Previously I was not able to view these HathiTrust editions, but I now can. I am in Australia, I assume those in the UK will also be able to view.


Family Search Monthly Lists from 1881 to 1915 (Broken range). Digitised microfilm available to view on your home computer, but you must be signed in to FamilySearch. For me, this is a very slow format, and unsatisfactory to use, but some of the editions  aren't available online elsewhere.


In addition, the FamilySearch Digital Library contains The monthly army list - 1910 October and The monthly army list - 1914 August. Similarly, you must be signed in to FamilySearch to view.


Also available from FamilySearch, Quarterly Army Lists  catalogue entry The official army list 1879 to 1902. These are digitised microfilm of Quarterly Lists from The National Archives, Kew, and are viewable on your home computer, but you must be signed in to FamilySearch. These Quarterly Lists, and also the Monthly Lists,  are Official Army Lists. There have been  commercial Army Lists for this period available online previously, but the Official Lists may contain information not available in the commercial lists.


In the years  after 1920,  1922, July, Parts 1 and 2, are available on the pay website fold3, and there are some reprint downloads to purchase.


All the above are from the FIBIS Fibiwik page Military periodicals online, sections  Quarterly Army List, and Monthly Army List




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Additional you should be able to find the Monthly Army List for August 1920 through December 1936 (Missing December 1928) at Google Books for full view. The scans (black and white) are generally bad and the OCR worse - but using the index useful. I have for the past year requested that Google Books to release these for full view and they have done so. Unless the is some additional geo blocking they should be available.

Edited by Steen Ammentorp
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12 hours ago, Steen Ammentorp said:

Additional you should be able to find the Monthly Army List for August 1920 through December 1936 (Missing December 1928) at Google Books for full view. 

Thanks for advising Steen. I was unaware of this source.


I have  located the following, which have been added to the Fibiwiki page Military periodicals online, section Monthly Army List

August 1920, September 1920, October 1920, December 1920;
March 1921, May 1921, July 1921, October 1921;
April 1923, July 1923
January 1924
January 1925, April 1925, July 1925, October 1925;
January 1926, August 1926;
March 1927, November 1927
January 1928, May 1928, September 1928
March 1929, September 1929;
January 1930, June 1930, September 1930;
July 1931, November 1931, December 1931;
March 1932, May 1932, September 1932;
January 1933, May 1933, July 1933, December 1933
July 1934, September 1934;
January 1935, March 1935, July 1935;
May 1936, September 1936, November 1936.
If Steen , or anyone else, can locate any of the other editions mentioned for the period 1920 to 1936, could you please advise the URL here.
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Hi Maureene,


Please notice that many the Google scans covers more than 1 month, i.e. the March 1932 also covers April 1932, normally two sometimes three months. However it is a very laboriously work to find all available in Google books, especially after they recently changed their interface removing the possibility to sort the result by publication date. However if you in Google books do a search on: editions:I0t2L4ElznEC and then set the publication date for a specific year you should provoke Google into showing the various volumes like this Google search

Edited by Steen Ammentorp
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Using Steen's method above I have located the following volumes. These are also linked on the FIBIS Fibiwiki page  Military periodicals online,  Monthly Army List https://wiki.fibis.org/w/Military_periodicals_online#Monthly_Army_List


Many of the digital files contain two, or sometimes three volumes, the second/third volume is followed by the letters sdf meaning same digital file. Most of the volumes are from Stanford University, with some from New York Public Library NYPL. For some periods it may be possible to locate two different digital copies. Some files are badly scanned, so Searching may to be unsuccessful. Generally there is a Table of Contents near the front of each print volume, and an Index of Names at the back of each print volume.


1920 Aug., 1920 Sep., 1920 Oct., 1920 Dec. all NYPL;
1920 Sep., 1920 Oct. sdf Stanford;
1921 Mar., 1921 Apr. sdf, 1921 May, 1921 June sdf, 1921 July, Aug. sdf, 1921 Sep. sdf, 1921 Oct.NYPL;
1922 Jan., 1922 Feb. sdf, 1922 Mar. sdf, 1922 Apr., 1922 May sdf, 1922 June sdf;
1923 Jan., 1923 Feb. sdf, 1923 Mar. sdf, 1923 Apr., 1923 May sdf, 1923 June sdf, 1923 July, 1923 Aug. sdf, 1923 Sep. sdf, 1923 Oct., 1923 Nov. sdf, 1923 Dec. sdf;
1924 Jan., 1924 Feb. sdf, 1924 Mar. sdf, 1924 Apr., 1924 May sdf, June sdf, 1924 July, 1924 Aug. sdf, 1924 Sep. sdf;
1925 Jan., 1925 Feb. sdf, 1925 Mar. sdf, 1925 Apr., 1925 May sdf, 1925 June sdf, 1925 July, 1925 Aug. sdf, 1925 Sep. sdf, 1925 Oct., 1925 Nov. sdf, 1925 Dec. sdf;
1926 Jan., 1926 Feb. sdf, 1926 Mar. sdf, 1926 June, 1926 July sdf, 1926 Aug., 1926 Sep. sdf, 1926 Oct., 1926 Nov. sdf;
1927 Mar., 1927 Apr. sdf, 1927 May, 1927 Sep., 1927 Oct. sdf, 1927 Nov., 1927 Dec. sdf;
1928 Jan., 1928 Feb. sdf, 1928 May, 1928 Sept., 1928 Oct. sdf, 1928 Nov.;
1929 Mar., 1929 Apr. sdf, 1929 May, 1929 Sept., 1929 Oct. sdf; 1929 Nov., 1929 Dec. sdf;
1930 Jan., 1930 Feb. sdf, 1930 June, Half-Yearly Supplement to the Monthly Army List 1930 June sdf, 1930 Sep., 1930 Oct. sdf; 1930 Dec., Half-Yearly Supplement to the Monthly Army List 1930 Dec. sdf;
1931 Jan., 1931 Feb. sdf, 1931 July, 1931 Aug. sdf, 1931 Sep., 1931 Oct. sdf, 1931 Nov., 1931 Dec., Half-Yearly Supplement to the Monthly Army List 1931 Dec. sdf;
1932 Mar., 1932 Apr. sdf, 1932 May, 1932 June sdf, 1932 July, 1932 August sdf, 1932 Sep., 1932 Oct. sdf;
1933 Jan., 1933 Feb. sdf, 1933 Mar., 1933 Apr. sdf, 1933 May, 1933 June sdf, 1933 July, 1933 Aug.sdf, 1933 Sep., 1933 Oct. sdf, 1933 Nov.,1933 Dec., Half -Yearly Supplement to the Monthly Army List 1933 Dec. sdf;
1934 Jan., 1934 Feb. sdf, 1934 Mar., 1934 Apr. sdf, 1934 July, 1934 Aug. sdf, 1934 Sep., 1934 Oct.sdf;
1935 Jan., 1935 Feb. sdf, 1935 Mar., 1935 Apr. sdf, 1935 July; 1935 Aug. sdf,
1936 Mar., 1936 Apr. sdf, 1936 May, 1936 June, Half-Yearly Supplement to the Monthly Army List 1936 Junesdf, 1936 July, 1936 Aug. sdf, 1936 Sep., 1936 Oct. sdf, 1936 Nov..
If anyone comes across any additional volumes, please add the URLs here.
Also, if any of the above links do not work, please advise.
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Sadly Google books has made it very difficult for me to re-locate all the volumes, however they should be there as I have them all downloaded. Only in my previous posting I mentioned that only December 1928 is missing, but going through my files I see that I don't have January and February 1936 either, so they may be Missing in google books as well. Anyhow here is the links to some additional volumes, that I have been able to find again using other search strategies than the one above:


1922 Jul-Aug-Sep

1922 Oct-Nov-Dec

1927 Jan-Feb

1927 Jun

1928 Mar-Apr

1928 Jul-Aug

1929 Jan-Feb

1929 Jun

1930 Mar-Apr

1930 May

1930 Jul-Aug

1931 Mar-Apr

1932 Nov-Dec

1934 May-Jun

1935 May

1935 Jun

1935 Nov

1936 Dec


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I have now set up a separate  FIBIS Fibiwiki page  "Army List for British Army  online", including Monthly Army List



It includes some additional entries to those above, including for 1920

1920 Aug., 1920 Sep., 1920 Oct., 1920 Dec. all NYPL;

1920 Feb., 1920 Apr., 1920 July, 1920 Aug. sdf, 1920 Sep., 1920 Oct. sdf, 1920 Nov., 1920 Dec. sdf; Stanford

Exact List unknown, possibly 1920 May or June (Contains some deaths in April 1920); Stanford.

 Some files may have  poor quality scanning 


Also if anyone has access to the June 1920 edition, could they advise whether the digital file above is in fact for June 1920. There is a section  near the back of the book for deaths  https://books.google.com.au/books?id=BX1EAQAAIAAJ&pg=RA108-PA9 which should be easy to check against.



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Great stuff Maureene.  Thank you for all that you do in maintaining and enhancing such a useful and unparalleled web resource.

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Having inquired about it I am told that the searchable Google index is dynamic. It doesn't not contain all the volumes nor the full text of each volume at any given time, so the volumes that I previously have identified in Google Books is still there and may pop-up a later date, when they are included in the index again. So it is important to either download them as I have or to record the Book IDs, which Maureene is doing.


Having use different search strategies I have flushed out the following volumes:


1879 Nov-Dec

1880 Mar-Apr

1880 Jun

1880 Nov-Dec

1883 May-Jun

1884 Jan-Feb

1884 Mar-Apr

1884 May-Jun

1884 Jul-Aug

1885 Jul-Aug

1889 Jan-Feb

1890 Jan-Feb

1892 Jul-Aug

1892 Sep-Oct

1892 Nov-Dec

1893 May-Jun

1893 Jul-Aug

1893 Nov-Dec

1894 Nov-Dec

1895 May-Jun

1895 Nov-Dec


Google Books also includes the Quarterly Army List for the quarter ending 31st December, 1880


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Thank you Steen, that is very helpful.


The explanation about the Google Books Search seems very odd, but in line with my past experience when sometimes some relevant search results have happened accidentally when looking for something quite different.



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Thanks Steen

Added to the Fibiwiki page above.


I have also asked Google Books to classify full view books from this stream https://books.google.com.au/books?q=editions:STANFORD36105211522334  which lists books 1898-1919.  So far I have requested books   1898-1910, with the intention of requesting all from the stream.  However I have received the response for Google Books "Please note that due to the number of requests we have received these documents may not be immediately available".  



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