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71st Battery and No2 Depot Royal Field Artillery


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they moved around a fair bit ... I do not have all the Army Lists to hand but .... 1904 71st Bty at Kilkenny, also July 1905; by Feb 1909 at Dundalk; Dec 1909 Athlone; June 1910 Athlone; by 1912 Sheffield.. Ewshott at mobilization in 1914..

and yes 36th Brigade was still at Athlone in 1911 when census taken

2nd depot : Dec 1904 Glasgow; July 1905 Glasgow; Feb 1909 Templemore; Dec 1909 Athlone; June 1910 Athlone; 1912 Athlone..

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No.2 Depot RFA was at Glasgow in 1903, Templemore in 1908 and Athlone in 1911. It was at Preston by the time war was declared.

Post #2 in this thread

has 71st Battery at Kilkenny in 1905 which fits in with the Depot being at Templemore.

71st Battery was in 36th Brigade RFA, 2nd Division and stationed at Ewshott when war was declared. It was affiliated to 2B Reserve Brigade RFA at Brighton from August 24, 1914.

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