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This is an interesting letter from the Imperial War Graves Commission which confirms payment for the epitaph that was sculpted to Battens grave at Woods Cemetery. (never seen one of these before).

As I understand, the initial idea by the was to charge the NOK a sum per letter (about 3d per letter seems to fit the "He died for us, Wife & Son" coming to 5/6) for the personalised inscription on the gravestone, but there was such a public outcry that this would be out of the means of many families that it was soon scapped. Looks like this letter was one of the early ones before it was scrapped - a very rare survivor indeed.

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Lovely stuff, David! All the elements that press my buttons - a 14 star casualty group, a Canadian connection, and extensive original documentation. Who could ask for anything more!!!



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New also to the collection this week (its been a good week!) is the Memorial Plaque and Scroll to:

, Regiment: 2nd Bn. King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.) Age: 24 Killed in action on May 08, 1915.

of 120, Leslie St., Toronto, Canada, and the late Margaret Legerton. Also served in India. (Another British Soldier with a Canadian Connection.)


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Report by Maj. J.Clough, 2/Kings Own Regt, on the action on 8th May

Headquarters 83rd Brigade.

I have the honour to submit the following report on the attack on the FREZENBERG line of trenches held by the 2nd Bn The Kings Own Regiment on Saturday May 8th 1915.

Two Companies, D & A under Lieut Jebb and Captain Glover held those trenches North of the YPRES – ZONNEBEKE road and one platoon of C Company under 2/Lt Howe held a section of trench on the South of the road. The 3rd Monmouth Regt. continued the line South. B Company and ____ platoons of C Company were in support occupying dugouts.

The enemy began to bombard the fire trenches between 7 and 8.a.m. and continued until about 10.a.m., destroying the parapets and rendering the trenches untenable. I am unable to definitely account for any N.C.O.’s & men from the fire trenches.

On the cessation of the bombardment the enemy ____ the trenches & advanced to attack the support dugouts. At this juncture the OC 3/Monmouths called for one company to support his line and accordingly B Company and Captain _____ at once moved forward & occupied some old earthworks on the E side of a burial ground in rear of the Monmouth trenches being unable to advance further.

About 10.a.m. the attack on the Battalion dugout began, the enemy having advanced to within about 200 yards of trench where they were held in check. In the meantime considerable numbers of the enemy could be seen moving in a ____ direction on both flanks of the position. Colonel Martin was killed very soon after the attack on the dugouts began and Captain & Adjutant Letherhead was severly wounded in the head. 2nd/Lt Hinchell was also killed at an early stage of the attack. I assumed command of the battalion. At this juncture the situation in front was favourable, the enemy making no attempt to advance. However, on both flanks heavy rifle and machine gun fire was offered against my position. I however had comparatively few casualties. At 11.35.a.m. received the following message:

OC Kings Own

Brigade order just arrived in the form of a message from OC East Yorks to adjutant who is now with us. – “ Retire on POTIJZE and hold on at all costs. Signed W.Ramsden Capt & Adjt 3/Mons”

I accordingly sent a message to the officer commanding B company ordering him to retire & directing him to make the best of his way back to the POTIJZE line avoiding the main road. I then made arrangements to withdraw the 3 platoons that I had directly under my orders. This was a most difficult operation and as I expect resulted in heavy casualties, only 40 NCO’s and men succeeded in reaching the POTIJZE line with me.

Immediately I began to withdraw the enemy ____ the position I had held…………….


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superb, again!!

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Great, great--thoroughly enjoyed seeing these wonderful, touching artifacts and knowing they are in reverent hands.


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Lovely collections and sure you have just made many people very envious. Did you win the lottery?

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