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A(lfred) C(larence) Dore - 2nd Lt, What am I missing ?


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I've come across this man whilst looking through the officers who died on 01 Jul 16. I've reached a point and I'm not sure what I'm missing:

Commissioned on 18 Dec 14 as a temporary 2nd Lt in the Y&L, killed on 01 Jul 1916 on the Somme. MIC shows date of entry as 26 April 1916.

In principal this all looks fine however the effects records show a war gratuity of £5. This would be consummate of a private with a 12 month (or less) overseas service yet I can't see any rank service for him*. EDIT: or I should also add a private would get £5 for home service if it was for 6 months or more.

Can anyone see any service in the ranks for him or spot something I'm missing ?


*Some of the officer war gratuities have been marked up in the same way as a rankers gratuity but the amounts are sufficiently greater to be able to differentiate them.

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