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Remembered Today:

The 25th Cavalry, Indian Army, in GEA & PEA 1917-18

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Any Member interested in the short but interesting tour (it was working behind enemy lines during the Battle of Mahiwa) of the 25th Cavalry (Frontier Force) in East Africa is invited to the link above.


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Thanks for another interesting article Harry

I notice that there is no author's name on the article, and I had to go to the GWEAA website to confirm that it was you. Perhaps you could add your name to the article, as people will no doubt come across it as a result of a search on the internet.



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Kimberley John Lindsay

590525f1ad8db_E.H.Sayresnamings.jpg.d7d485432dc8f700b93b16bd4150abfa.jpg5905263fa0855_EdwardSayres.jpeg.10bc92802f287a084f3bd55854bcaf76.jpeg590526a7d5b76_LtE.H.Sayresattd25Cavy(FF)1917-19.jpg.e5f8ca2a62cdd83a182d9be8b63ce38a.jpgDear Harry,

Good work (as usual)!

GWF members may or may not be interested to know that I hold the medals of an IARO who was appointed to 25th Cavalry (Frontier Force) on 5 Nov 1917: Lieut. Edward Hamilton Sayres.

E. H. Sayres (1889-1967) had the BWM (Lieut.); Victory (Lieut.); and Vol LS (Tpr., Cal. L. H.). This latter was awarded on 5 Dec 1928.

He had been a Tea Broker in Calcutta, with Carritt, Moran & Co. since 1911, was a keen member of the Calcutta Light Horse, and was a Steward of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club from 1944 to 1945. (The Turf Club survives to this day.)

Any comments from GWF members would be much appreciated!

Kindest regards,


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Can I just say well done on your article - I found it very interesting, even more so as I have an interest in Major Burrowes.

One thing I would add is that slightly before the regiment went to East Africa it unfortunately lost it's commanding officer.

On the 18th June 1917, Lt Col George Edward Douglas Elsmie, C. O. 25th Cavalry was killed, probably murdered, in Kohat.

A new temporary C. O. Bt-Lt-Col & T/Lt-Col G. A. R. Watts was appointed 11th July 1917.

The officer that won the Military Cross in East Africa, Captain Fraser-Tytler, ended up Lt-Col Sir William Fraser-Tytler, KBE, CMG, MC.

In late 1919, after returning to India and serving during the 3rd Afghan war he transferred to the Foreign & Political Department and ended

up as the H.M. Minister to Afghanistan 1935-1941 at Kabul.

Nethersole retired a Major in 1926. Burrowes had retired in November 1922 still a Major. I don't know why but

he was not with the regiment when it left East Africa in March 1918.

In the Second World War he formed a detachment of the Home Guard, and then he changed his service to that of the Royal Navy and served in the Harbour Service.

I hope that's of interest.


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Thanks Matthew, it is all interesting.

If you need any of my source material then just send a Personal Message with an email address.


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I posted about Lt Colonel Elsmie several years ago and as a result of that I was contacted by a members of his family who kindly sent me some photographs of him. GED Elsie is recorded in the original CWGC registers as having been murdered as mentioned in the post above. His family informed me that he had been killed by a member of his staff. He is commemorated in several places in the UK: Dunchurch, Warwickshire, Ealing. and Aberdeen. Incidentally, his brother was Major General AMS Elsie, another old Indian Army hand. His son, a Wing Commander DFC , was kia in 1941.


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