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Lt Harry Bernard seager yorkshire Regiment


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If anybody has any information on Lt Harry Bernard Seager of the Yorkshire Regiment formerly of the Notts and Derby regiment I would appreciate any information received.

Many thanks Tim

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Gazetted temp. 2nd Lt. in the Notts and Derby Regt. 14.9.1915


The March 1916 Army List lists him in 18th (Service) Bn. Notts and Derby Regt.

Transferred, as 2nd Lt., to the Yorkshire Regt. 1.4.1916


Promoted to temp. Lt. 9.1.1917


The August 1918 Army List lists him in 13th (Service) Bn. Yorkshire Regt.

Relinquished his commission 6.11.1920


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Some family history:-

In the 1911 census Harry Seager was living at 12, Prospect Grove, Gravesend, he was 22, single, born Gravesend, and a carpenter by trade. His father was Charles Larking Seager (1859 - 1931), a master mariner, and his mother was Eliza (1862 - 1936).

When Charles Larking Seager died on 22.5.1931 his probate record gave his address as 10, Stuart Road, Gravesend (the same address for correspondence as on the M.I.C. for Harry Bernard Seager).

As plain Harry Seager he married Lilian Olive Arnold in 1932 in the Medway, Kent District.

He was listed in the 1939 Register at 5-7, Victoria Road, Thurrock - Harry B. Seager born 10.7.1889, married, traveller (builder's merchant). Lilian O. Seager born 10.5.1904, married, unpaid domestic duties.

A Harry B. Seager born about 1889 died in the June quarter of 1956 in the Croydon, Surrey District. There is no probate record available to check on the full name of the deceased.

Edited to correct a spelling error!

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Thank you very much for the additional information regarding family history very helpful.


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Hi Tim

Here is a pic. of Lilian Olive "Cissy" Seager nee Arnold

Regards Barry2562f555-be4e-4ea6-ba73-4f9d934a9930.jpg

Weston Family Tree (2) on Ancestry. NOTE This and other trees have Harry's middle initial as H not B. Lillian's father's service records are also on Ancestry which confirm her d of b. (Henry George Bartlett Arnold Pte M/296316 RASC)

Harry H Seager died aged 69 yrs in 1960 at Dartford, Kent. 5b.369. A number of trees include this detail. All check out with the marriage. There was a son Harry A.C.Seager born 1932 Medway 2a,1333 he died 7th April 2016 at Fakenham, Norfolk.

Can not find ANY reference other than those posted above and the medal award rolls to Harry's middle initial/ name Bernard....very strange!!

Edited by The Inspector
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Without turning this into a family history forum, it has to be said, and I am sure you will agree, some of the trees on ancestry are notoriously inaccurate and various tree builders copy off other trees and perpetuate and extend errors.

The age of Harry H. Seager who died in 1960, Dartford District, is given as 69, so born about 1891. There is a probate record for a Henry Harry Seager who died 11 June 1960 at 121, St. Mark's Avenue, Northfleet, Kent. His executor was Florence Sarah Outred widow.

In the 1939 Register Harry B. Seager gave his D.O.B. as 10.7.1889, and his wife was Lilian O. Seager, so it can be taken that this is the Harry Bernard Seager of interest. Also the probate record residence address for Charles Larking Seager links the M.I.C. for Harry Bernard Seager to the Harry Seager, born 1889, in the 1911 census quoted in post #5.

I appreciate the West tree has a photo of Lilian Olive Seager, but the part relating to her husband looks a bit dubious to me.

Without complicating matters further, there is a Henry Harry Seager born in Kent 1886 floating about the records.


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Thanks very much all very interesting , I will return to this story hopefully sometime after next weekend getting back to some WW1 content fingers crossed.

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Hi All

Harry, couldn't agree more.

Tim, thanks for the PM very interesting indeed, look forward to your update perhaps then we can solve the riddle of the middle name?

Regards Barry

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Medway City Ark Baptism from St James's Church, Gravesend which stood at the top of Stuart Road.

September 6th, 1888, Harry, son of Charles Larkin and Eliza, (the surname column has Seager then Larkin and letters which could be f.?.a.), Charles occupation is given as Master Mariner and their address is 8, Bligh Road (which is just off Stuart Road). http://cityark.medway.gov.uk/query/results/?Mode=ShowImg&Img=/cityark/Scans/Ecclesiastical_Rochester_Archdeaconry_Area_Parishes/P159B_GRAVESEND_ST_JAMES_1851_1971/01_Incumbent_Service_Registers_1852_1968/P159B_01_03.html/00000261.jpg

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