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We at the Berkshire have just acquired a set of photographs belonging to Lieut CB Krabbé which contains pictures of his time in Egypt and at Gallipoli.

In early August he was orders with others to Suvla to support the forthcoming landings as detailed below.


F O R C E O R D E R No. 25 General Headquarters

2nd August, 1915

. . . .

4. The following naval and military beach control personnel have been appointed for the landing places of the IXth Corps:-

Principle Beach Master

Beach Masters

Asst. Beach Masters & 4 Lieutenant Commanders R.N.

Beach Lieuts. 10 Lieutenants R.N.

Beach Party

Principle Mil. L.O. Col. W.G.B. Western C.B.

Mil. L.O's. Maj. F.W. Peacock. Derbyshire Yeo.

Maj. Sir R. Baker Dorset. Yeo.

Capt. Tylson Wright A.S.C.

Asst. Mil. L.O's. Capt. Wade Palmer. Derbyshire Yeo.

Capt. B.A. Smith S. Notts. Hussars

Lt. H.V. Browne Dorset Yeo.

Lt. Krabbe Berks. Yeo

His album has two photos of his colleague in their new '08 webbing the photos being annotated SS Berrima which I understand was taken up as a Transport by the Australian Navy in 1914.


There is another untitled photo on board a ship which shows Australian troops.

Can anybody assist of sailing dates confirm this is the Berrima and a possible unit identification of these men ?


I hope to share more photos from this album in due course.



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On the next pages - pontoons at Suvla


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and a few of recently disembarked troops ...


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