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Belgian Guides - 1914

Dani Alfonsea

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Could anyone provide information on the horse accoutrements appropriate for a Belgian Guide mount, in 1914? That is, saddle, associated equipment, bridle... I'm specially interested on images, be it drawings or clear photographs.

Info on the Guides themselves would be welcome too!



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this is a picture of one of the 2nd reg. guides. in blue tunic:


On the image below the green tunics are guides in parade tunic Nr 2 and 3.

mr1 is a Lancer, nr 5 is a Jager (Hunter) and Nr4 is Gendarme.


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Indeed, the uniform I am interested in is that in fig. #2 - that is, the campaign uniform, and the horse equipments which went with it - as opposed to those shown in fig. #3, which are the much more elaborate parade dress ones.

BTW, I assume you meant green, and not blue, uniform, in the caption to your photo?


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No the battle uniform was for all soldiers dark blue, like Nr1

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The page of paintings of Belgian cavalry comes from Liliane and Fred Funcken's book, Arms and Uniforms, The First World War, part 2. Published 1974 by Ward Lock Ltd., Britain, ISBN 0706318846. An excellent reference. It's a 2 volume set and very thorough. B)

All the best,


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