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Ferdinand Levor, Bayr. Inf. Regt. 13, POW


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Hi all,

In digging deeper into my research into David Kaufherr, I learned that his wife's brother, Ferdinand Levor, also served in the war, and was actually a POW. His VL entry appears here:


This of course clued me into the need to check the ICRC Database. Finding him took a little effort as the LAV's, LEV's, LEW's and LAW's are all mixed together. When I finally did locate him, I found the following card:


I tried looking up the AK 187 notation and found it to be a dead end. I was about to give up hope when, on a hunch, I wondered if the '9' beside the otherwise nonsensical 9.45594 was actually a reversed 'P'. I searched using the notation P.45594 and bingo!


The previous page heading gives some additional details about his capture, which appears to have happened on the 18th of July 1918 in the vicinity of Aisne:


The plan is to visit the library in the next few days as it would appear his service records are available through Ancestry.

Ferdinand ultimately survived the war and apparently lived out the remained of his days in Germany, passing away 31.05.1934 and he is buried in Heilbronn. The transcription of his gravestone can be found here.

The wiki I found online skips over the month he was captured; I have not had any luck finding additional resources to consult. If anyone could point me in the direction of other resources that might flesh out what he and his unit were doing when he was captured, that would be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,


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He belonged to the Bayerische Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 13. There is a 56 page regimental history written by Ludwig Stammberger (an overview about the regiment can be found here: http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/KB_RIR_13).

I checked the regimental history: the regiment was engaged since a week or so near Saconin (SW of Soissons) when it was attacked on 18 July. The heavy fighting and big losses then and during the following two weeks had the unit disbanded early August 1918.


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