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German Artillery Batteries - 31st July 1917 Ypres

Yorke Scarlett

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Does anyone have a map indicating the location of German gun batteries for the 31st July 1917. My particular interest on this one is the XIX and II Corps fronts

In particular, 55th Div state that they where enfiladed by hostile batteries to the east of Zonnebeke.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Yorke.

Here is a map that shows the front from 31.7.-mid-august.

Your opponents were:

38.Inf.Div. (Feldart.Rgt.19)

bavarian 6.Inf.Div. (bavarian Feldart.Rgt.8)

52.Res.Div. (Res.Feldart.Rgt.52

22.Res.Div. (Res.Feldart.Rgt.22)

Additionaly we had some heavy batteries up to the "Kurze-Marine-Kanonen-Batterie Nr.9" with a 42cm mortar "Dicke Berta"

I attached a list of the artillery july 30 in Flandres.




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Here is a list (including artillery), which units were engaged in Flandres at that time.

Unfortunately I don´t know, where the heavy artillery was exactly located.

Beside the "Berta", we had 11 heavy 15cm guns too. It is possibel, that they stood near Zonnebeke. The distance from Zonnebeke to the frontline was only 6-7km


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Thanks Prussian,

Good stuff, but can you extend the map in Post # 2 a bit further north - I think 39th Div, on 55th Div left flank, also suffered from this fire.

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Of course, mate, here we go

Here is the complete front of the 2nd and 5th british army


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and a little bit closer


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That will do nicely, as the map also gives div boundaries in the area.

Thanks again

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