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French Uniform


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Good morning,

I was wondering whether anyone could help out with identifying this soldier's unit?

The collar tabs read "72"

The reverse is marked "Albert Baron Photographe 34, Rue Bellain, 34 DOUAI"



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I believe that this is another photograph of the above man. He is front right

The reverse of the photograph- the same photographer as the first



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The 1st photograph shows a sergent of the 72e régiment d’infanterie circa 1900 -1914. These were stationed in Amiens at this time

The 2nd photograph shows a group of mounted artillerymen circa 1890 - 1900. I can't see the detail, but, assuming the photo was taken in Douai, this would make the group to have been from either the 15e Régiment d'Artillerie de campagne or the 27e Régiment d'Artillerie de campagne. Hard to see, but it would appear to depict two canonier, one canonier 1er Cl. and one brigadier.

Unlikely to be the same man ('unlikely', but not 'impossible'... though I see various facial differences between the two, so I'm pretty certain that they're not one and the same)


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