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Remembered Today:

Wulverghem Gas Attack 30/4/16

Mark Hone

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Remembering all those killed and injured in the German gas attack between Spanbroekmolen and La Petite Douve Farm on 30th April 1916. They included my great-uncle and avatar Private Cyril Evans, 10th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, who was gassed and wounded in the shoulder.

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The gas discharge on 30th April 1916 was similar to that of the phosgene discharge of 19th December 1915 but in a more concentrated form, in which a short exposure to the gas was fatal. The course of the cloud could be seen by the staining of grass and vegetation as far as Bailleul, where shoots and leaves withered. It was concluded that the dangerous concentration of gas extended for 9,000–10,000 yards (8,200–9,100 m) from the point of discharge.

On 30th April, there were 562 British gas casualties, of whom 89 were fatal.

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