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War memoirs by General Ditte and Vice Admiral Ronarc'h


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I am looking for WW1 memoirs by two French officers - le generale Ditte, Gouverneur de Calais, and vice-admiral Ronarc'h, commandant superieure​ de la marine de la ZAN. I am interested in an episode of 26 July 1917 when both men were closely involved in the interrogation of the crew of u-boat UC-61 which stranded on the beach at Wissant. I hope the incident would be important enough to feature in a war memoir.

I know that Pierre Alexis Marie Antoine Ronarc'h wrote 'Souvenirs de la guerre', but I can only find volume 1 which I believe finishes in 1916. Was there a volume 2?

Also, A Thomazi, capitaine de vaisseau de reserve, wrote 'La guerre navale dans la zone des armees du Nord', with a preface by Ronarc'h, but I can't find a copy with a price worth a punt.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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