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German flamethrowers

Dani Alfonsea

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This is my first post here. Hi all!

I would like to see some clear images or drawings of German flamethrowers, more specifically, the so - called "small flamethrower" types, which required a 2-man team. I think there were two types in use, one with a bottle-shaped tank, and one with a doughnut-shaped tank.

This is needed for a figure modelling project, so I need clear views of fittings, etc.



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Welcome to the forum Daniel.

There have been couple of previous threads on flammenwerfer but very little in the way of illustrations.

This one (assuming I have posted it correctly)


Has a drawing and photo and also a reference to a book which you may be able to get from your library.

Good luck with your project. I am sure we would be interested to see some pictures of it when it is finished.


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Hi Daniel

Ther are examples of the German man pack flamethrowers in the Imperial War Museum reserve collection at Duxford, you need to make an apppointment to view them though.

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Thank you all... the Reserve Collection suggestion is not practical for me, unfortunately, I do not anticipate a visit to the UK for the time being... ;)



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