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Remembered Today:

Edwin Owen Leak M.M. Sgt A.S.C.


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Sgt Edwin Owen Leak M.M. served as M2/032040 in Army Service Corps.

Born 1894 in Gorleston and killed in action 29th October 1917.

Can any member please help with a citation for his Military Medal?

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Thanks Graeme. We live in hope.

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Soldiers Effects have Edwin serving in 604 M T Company. Long Long Trail 604 M T Coy - XV Corps Siege Park A S C, 65th Siege Battery R G A. War Diary may have something.


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Hi midshipmanrayley,

My Grandfather was with 604 Coy (MT) ASC (aka XV Corps Siege Park) in 1917, but unfortunately was transferred to 717 on September 5th.

When I saw the War Diaries at Kew about 18 months ago, I only copied up to this date unfortunately.

The diaries themselves don't name many individuals other than officers, but the diaries of the Senior Mechanical Transport Officer (SMTO) are one of the best I have seen with respect to transfers of Siege Batteries (and men named with Service numbers), in and out of the Corps.

Having had a quick scan, I can't immediately see any reference of Sgt.Leak in the period to 5/9/1917.

XV Corps Siege Park would be responsible for moving the guns and transport of the guns of all the RGA Brigades attached to the Corps, so lots of siege batteries, not just one.

A bit of a long shot, but the diaries might contain information later on in September.

I see he is buried near Koksijde, on the coast between Dunkirk and Nieuwpoort.

XV Corps were up there as part of Operation Hush.

604 Coy (MT) ASC diaries (WO95/931) have been scanned as part of the process of digitisation, but have not yet been made available on the National Archives/Discovery site.

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Many thanks Dai and Bob.

Lots of valuable information Dai.

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The Great War Medal Collectors Companion.

M M London Gazette 21st December 1916.

This Gazette carries Schedule numbers from 49,000 to 51,000 which picks up from the 9th December Gazette.

Awards in this Gazette are, largely, for operations on the Somme in September and October 1916, including the capture of Thiepval, Regina Trench, Bayonet Trench and Delville Wood amongst others. Dates noted from 1st September1916, to 21st October 1916.


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The operation was cancelled 14/10/1917.

The Fourth Army vacated the area between 21/10/1917 & 3/11/1917.

The area was vulnerable to German artillery attack, and was also under the flight paths of Gotha bombers on their way to bomb Dunkirk.

I am sure they might have dropped a few bombs on ASC Siege Parks and lorry parks had the opportunity arisen.

So even though the MT parks may have been some way behind the lines, they were always at risk.

And more at risk of course when delivering the goods up to the front line batteries.

For example an aerial attack on a lorry park at Locre in September 1917, killing several men is well documented in 717 Coy MT ASC diaries.

Also well documented is the following:

27/6/1917 SMTO's office blown up by a 12" shell fired from near Leugenboom 27 miles away!

I think the diaries will hold some relevant information.

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Again many thanks Bob and Dai.

Trying the local newspaper route for the citation as you advised Bob.

I think the diaries are the only answer Dai will check them out for cause of death, etc.

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Sorry Bob. Senior moment.

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