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WW1 Binoculars C.P. Goerz Berlin Trieder Binocle Pagor


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WW1 Binoculars C.P. Goerz Berlin Trieder Binocle Pagor

Looking for info name on case. ( case FEW Danebury ) looks like B J Cester or Bicester,

also were these Binoculars used in WW1.

They have arrows on Binoculars & Case

The serial no date the 1900 - 1908

Patric, in the third edition of Les Chiffres Clés P-H Pont gives this chronology:

up to 5,000 -- up to 1891
30,000 -- 1896
100,000 -- 1900
200,000 -- 1908
300,000 -- 1915
400,000 -- 1920
500,000 -- 1922
600,000 -- 1923
750,000 -- 1926

will add photos





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I am not an expert on things Brit, but isn't that the "broad arrow" of British Ordinance? If so,

perhaps they were captured and put into service in the British Army, or were a pre-war purchase, given

the German dominance in fine optics?

If the serial numbers and chronology match, the glasses should date from the early years of the century;

it seems that they have the look of an old style, even for the WW I period. (I am more familiar with Zeiss

binoculars of the period, our family had a pair when I was young, but I think that they certainly were post

WW I.)

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If they were officially accepted for service in the 1914-15 emergency for optics, as well as the Broad Arrow there should be a 'S'(pecial) grading and an inspection no. Without that, it seems more likely they were taken into service in WW2 than WW1 - the design of the arrow would also be more consistent with that.

The design does suggest they date from before WW1.

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