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Gallipoli brothers


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Albert Facey was badly wounded at Gallipoli and had to return to Australia, but two of his brothers died there. One of his brothers, Roy, was in the Tenth Light Horse in the fourth reinforcements. He and his mate were killed by the same shell when he was walking over to Albert's trench to join his unit. Then Joseph was also killed. He was on guard duty at an outpost with another digger and were surprised by the Turks who crept up under the cover of darkness. The other digger ran and Joseph was found later with seven bayonet wounds in him, dead.

The details are in "A Fortunate Life", Albert's autobiography. It would be fairly easy to obtain the records of his brothers from the NAA.

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many thanks, I'm luck enough to have a copy of Facey's book, but all information is gratefully received,


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any of these new to you?


John Lt 5th ELancs DOW 4/6/15 Gallipoli

Harry Hargreaves Capt 5th ELancs DOW 23/5/15 Gallipoli

Maurice Baldwin MC Capt 5th ELancs att 4th ELancs KIA 21/3/18


John Stephen 2oth Hussars KIA 1/9/14

Harold thomas Capt 6th Man KIA 23/9/15 Gallipoli


Joseph Henry Lt 11th Bn AIF KIA 2/5/15 Gallipoli

Albert Edward WO2 8455 1st DCLI KIA 4/6/15


Francis William Capt 3rd att 2nd RMF KIA 22/12/14

Havilland Montague Pte 720 13th Bn AIF KIA 27/4/15 Gallipoli


Finlay Pte 998 12th Bn AIF KIA 25/4/15 Gallipoli

Duncan Cpl 1003 12th BN AIF KIA 25/5/15 Gallipoli


Robert Pte 8/137 Otago Bn KIA 4/8/15 Gallipoli

William Pte 9/698 Otago Mtd Rifles died 16/11/15


Cecil Gordon Tpr 592 2nd LHorse AIF KIA 14/5/15 Gallipoli

Walter Bruce Capt 2nd Cameronians KIA 10/3/15


Wilfred Valentine Sub-Lt Nelson Bn KIA 4/6/15 Gallipoli

Garnett 2/Lt Kings Own KIA 18/3/18


Eric Rolph Pte 420 10th Bn AIF KIA 27/4/15 Gallipoli

Gordon Powell Cpl 528 3LH AIF died 16/10/15 in Alexandria from Enteric Fever contracterd on Gallipoli


Harry James Payne Pte 10977 5th Dorsets DOW 30/8/15 in Malta from wounds received on Gallipoli

Ernest Bone Pte 19815 2nd Wilts KIA 25/9/15


Thomas Ernest Pte 10813 9th WYorks KIA 7/8/15 Gallipoli

Francis parker Pte 20847 RAMC died 20/10/18


Cyril Richard Lt 1/5th Beds KIA 15/8/15 Gallipoli

Gerard Owen Lt 1/5th Beds died 14/6/17


Cortlandt Richard Lt 2nd SWB KIA 5/5/15 Gallipoli

Kenneth Cortlandt Lt 2nd KOSB KIA 26/2/15


Ernest Stuart Pte 156 5th London KIA 18/1/15

Edgar John Pte 944 13th Bn AIF KIA 9/8/15 Gallipoli


Peter Mackay Lt-Comm Anson Bn DOW 29/5/15 Gallipoli

Robert Fingland Capt 5th A&SH KIA 12/7/15 Gallipoli


George Capt 1st GH KIA 25/9/15

Henry John Joseph Lanarkshire Yeo Maj KIA 27/12/15 Gallipoli


Arthur William Herbert Pte 7114 1st Hants KIA 12/12/14

George Henry Pte 8961 2nd Hamps KIA 6/8/15 Gallipoli


Charles William Pte 45690 8th Devons KIA 2/4/17

Edward John Pte 437 24th Bn AIF KIA 20/11/15 Gallipoli


William Percy Sgt 851 12th Bn AIF KIA 2/5/15 Gallipoli

Thomas Alfred L/Cpl 13041 5th KSLI died 10/9/15


Thomas L/Cpl 11022 1st RDF KIA 5/7/15 Gallipoli

Richard Rfm 371325 8th London KIA 20/9/17


Brian Walton 11th Lancers KIA 28/7/15 Gallipoli

Arthur Gerald DSC Cdr RN HMS Onslaught DOW 1/6/16

Milo Richard Capt 21st CFF Indian Army DOW 5/11/17


Robert Edward Michael capt 2nd RMF DOW 17/1/15

Charles John Wingfield Lt 2nd Hants KIA 30/4/15 Gallipoli


Logan Deare Capt 1st DCLI KIA 21/10/14

De Lacy Wolrich Maj 25th Punjabs att 8th NFus DOW 12/8/15

from wounds received at Sulva on 10/8/15 Gallipoli


Dudley Hogart L/Cpl 2162 R Glos Hussars KIA 28/8/15 Gallipoli

Edward Charles henry Tpr 190 2nfLH AIF KIA 7/8/15 Gallipoli


Alfred Ernest Pte 11482 2nd Welsh KIA 25/1/15

William Henry Pte 2772 1/1st H'Ford KIA 16/8/15 Gallipoli


Alexander Arthur L/Cpl 227 1/6th HLI KIA 12/7/15 Gallipoli

John William L/Cpl 1927 1/6th HLI KIA 12/7/15 Gallipoli


John Cpl 1839 4th RS DOW 29/6/15 Gallipoli

Ernest Ford 2/Lt 7th KOSB DOW 25/3/16


Hugh Liddon Lt 14th(South Otago) Reg KIA 3/5/15 Gallipoli

Robert LT NZFA DOW 23/5/15 in Alexandria from wounds sustained at Cape Helles Gallipoli


Hugh James Capt 5th att 1st 2nd RFus KIA 11/14

Raymond Pugh Capt 5th att 1st 2nd RFus KIA 28/11/15 Gallipoli


Albert Edward L/Cpl 9208 1st RMF KIA 1/5/15 Gallipoli

Percy Frederick L/Cpl G/77 6th EKents KIA 13/10/15


William Galbraith Lt Lord Strathcona's Horse KIA 25/5/15

John Amehurst Capt 1st Border DOW HMHS Rewa 23/8/15 from

wounds sustained at Suvla on 21/8/15


Arthur Waldering St Clair VC Sub-Lt KIA 6/5/15 Gallipoli

John Theodore St Clair 1st att 11th Kings 11th KIA 8/8/16


Harold Sydney Pte 893 8th RScots KIA 8/4/15

Andrew Capt 1/4th KOSB KIA 12/7/15 Gallipoli

William Ernest Lt 8th RScots KIA 17/4/17


Neville Ormonde Butler L/Cpl 324 5th RB KIA 28/4/15

Vivian Arthur Butler 2/Lt 12th Essex att 6th Lincs KIA 3/12/15 Gallipoli


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First my apologies for the delay in thanking you for this sterling effort (& the other one!), I've been in France. Haven't had time to peruse in detail yet, but there are certainly some new ones, thank you,


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Guest geoff501


Three brothers for you, which you may not already have:


Sgt. 19664 3rd Bn. Worcestershire Regiment KiA FF 26/08/1916


Pte. 22231 4th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment KiA Gallipoli 06/08/1915


Sgt. 9071 2nd Bn. Worcestershire Regiment KiA FF 23/04/1917



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Guest geoff501

Many thanks, the numbers now are quite amazing & appalling!


Bob, Another pair of brothers which seems likely:

BOURNE, THOMAS 19035 Pte. Z Coy. 4th Bn. Worcs. Regiment. DoW Gallipoli 12/05/15

Age 16

Son of Henry and Emily Bourne. Born at Droitwich, Worcs.

BOURNE, GEORGE 52519 A/Bdr. RHA and RFA KiA FF 17/05/15

Age 25

Son of Henry Bourne of Droitwich Worcs.

Both died within a week.

The 1901 Census gives:

Henry H 36

Emily W 35

Henry S 16

George S 12

Harriet D 13

William S 10

Emily D 5

Walter S 5

Thomas S 3

Catherine D 2

James S 4M

This would give the age of Thomas nearer to 17.

The Census has not turned up any other George Bourne, so I'm reasonably sure

this is the brother of this very young Soldier.

There are 6 named Bourne listed on the Droitwich Memorial.

(which covers parishes next to some I'm researching)

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Do you know of the Perkes brothers of the 7th South Staffs, both killed on 9th August 1915? There is general confusion between the CWGC, SDGW and local war memorial about spelling as Perkes or Perks - I don't know which is correct "

Pte George Perkes 15480 7th SS, aged 28. Son of Mr and Mrs. Elizabeth Perkes, of 65, Regent St., Woodsetton, Dudley. Husband of Mrs Perkes, of Canal Street, Tipton, Staffs.

Pte John Perkes 15489 7th SS, aged 22. Son of Mr and Mrs. Elizabeth Perkes, of 65, Regent St., Woodsetton, Dudley.

A third older brother, William, was also present on the 9th August, but survived this only to be killed on 28th April 1917.

Pte William Perkes 15495 2nd SS. Husband of Mrs Perks, of New Cross Street, Tipton, Staffs. SDGW doesn't say that he was previously 7th SS but I think he must have been as he was present on 9th August, but the 2nd SS weren't.

I have an article from a local paper of the time which talks of Willaim carrying his brother George back to the Aid Post after he was shot in the head, but by the time that he then returned to the 'firing line', he found that his other brother had been killed.

Tragically 24th April 1917 sees his own demise at the Batttle of Arras.

None of the three brothers has a grave, two on Helles and one on Arras memorials.

If you would like the details from the local newspaper articles and bits of other information I have let me know. Unfortunately I don't have photographs of all the brothers just one of John, although strangely I do have one of their sisters !


Andy Johnson

Researching the men of Tipton who were killed in the Great War.

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Many thanks. Have you tried persuading CWGC to change the spellings to all agree?


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linda chalmers


I have two brothers (my great grandfathers younger brothers) who were both killed as a result of the Lancashire Landings, Gallipoli. They died within a day of each other.

HARRY OGDEN Pte 1872 1st/9th Bn., Manchester Regiment who died of wounds Saturday 19th June 1915 aged 19, the son of Mrs Eliza Ogden of 84, Hill St. Ashton-Under-Lyne.

Grave ref A 14. Port Said War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt.

SIDNEY OGDEN Pte 1711 9th Bn. Manchester Regiment who died of wounds on Sunday 20th June 1915 aged 17, the son of Mr & Mrs Arnold Ogden of 84, Hill Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne.

Grave ref C 55 Lancashire Landing Cemetery, Turkey.

Best regards and good luck with your project!


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Thank you, but again how tragic, I wonder how their mother coped?


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Thank you, but again how tragic, I wonder how their mother coped?



Eliza, mother of Sidney and Harry Ogden on hearing the news of both deaths tried to commit suicide by throwing herself in to the Ashton Canal. Eliza could not swim! A passer-by rescued her. Eliza never got over the loss of her two sons.

Within five days of the deaths of both his younger brothers, my great-grandfather enlisted, he joined the Manchester Regiment in Ashton-Under-Lyne on 25th June 1915. I can only imagine that he was one angry young man who wanted revenge.

On a happier note, my great-grandfather survived WW1, and lived a long and happy life. As a child I would sit with him and he would tell me all about his brothers, Sidney and Harry. He also told me about the war, and about the personal effects of war - the loss, misery and the pain the family suffered.

"There is no winner in war, we all lose out in the end" he told me, I guess he was right.


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What a dreadful tale, thank you for sharing it. I wonder how many mothers/wives/fiancees were as devastated as their mother, such pain,Bob

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Guest jleslie


I can only add Australian brothers to your list which you may already have. In case you haven't, here they are - 3 Leslie brothers and 2 Halls:


Captain WALTER ALAND LESLIE 7th Battery, 3rd FAB, AIF; DOW 6 May 1915 GALLIPOLI ; he has a grave in Shell Green Cemetery, Gallipoli, though according to army records he was buried at sea from HMHS Gloucester Castle; son of Alexander Smith Leslie (of Keig, Aberdeenshire) and Martha Elizabeth Aland (of Toowoomba, Queensland); single; aged 27.

Lieutenant RONALD DOUGLAS LESLIE (MID) 26 Battalion, AIF; DOW 5 November 1916 Somme; buried AIF Burial Ground, Grass Lane, Flers, France; son of Alexander Smith Leslie and Martha Elizabeth Aland; husband of Barbara Clare Brand; no issue; aged 26.

No. 2320 T/Sergeant ARTHUR LESLIE 103rd Howitzer Battery, AIF; KIA 30 September 1918 Roussoy, France; buried Ste Emilie Valley Cemetery, Villers-Faucon, France; son of Alexander Smith Leslie and Martha Elizabeth Aland; single; aged 33. [Listed as Corporal 3rd AFA in War Graves data]


No. 317 Trooper JOHN MURRAY HALL 7th Australian Light Horse; Died of septicaemia on 12 November 1915 at the 21st General Hospital, Alexandria, from wounds received at GALLIPOLI on 5 November 1915; buried at the Military Cemetery Chatby, Alexandria; son of Henry Fraser Hall and Maggie Menzies Dixon both of NSW, Australia; single; aged 22.

Lieutenant EDWARD ALAN HALL 13th Battalion, AIF; DOW 21 August 1918 France; buried Daours Communal Cemetery Extension, France; son of Henry Fraser Hall and Maggie Menzies Dixon; single; aged 23.

A third brother served but survived.

The three Leslies were my great uncles. My great grandmother Martha Elizabeth Aland (their mother) also lost her brother on the Somme, as well as two nephews (brothers) for whom she was next of kin. Others fought but returned. The Halls were distant cousins and since I am afraid they may no longer be remembered, I am taking the opportunity of including their names in my list. Hope it is of some help to your project.


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You probably already have the two HANDCOCK boys from Victoria – but I’m going to tell their story anyway.

Jack – Pte Albert John HANDCOCK, no 1350 joined the 7th Battalion AIF on the 21/8/1914. He went missing at Gallipoli somewhere between 25/4 – 2/5/15. Eventually it was officially decided that he had died that first day of the landing. Jack is commemorated on the Lone Pine Memorial, he was 23.

His older brother Charlie, who had a young family, enlisted in the 37th Battalion on the 7/2/16. He died of pneumonia on the last day of fighting 10/11/18 (38th Bn) and is buried at Abbeville Communal Cem. Ext.

Their parents, Charles & Harriett HANDCOCK of Myrrhee, Vic, had nine sons – only eight of them went to war, the ninth & youngest being refused permission by his father.

This apparently is the Victorian record for the amount of brothers serving in WW1 (possibly even Australia).

A 3-page Tribute to these “Brothers in Arms” was published in the Herald Sun on April 23rd (last month), and is a fascinating read.

Cheers, Frev.

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Jennie. Very many thanks for the brothers. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but I haven't been on the Forum recently & e-mail notification of your posting never arrived!


Yes, I do know of them, but the extra information is great, as always, thank-you,


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Guest jleslie

Hello Bob,

I have another two brothers for you who fought with the AIF. The information comes directly from an old book called "Queenslanders Who Fought in the Great War". Here it is:

No. 5369 Pte Andrew Donald Graham FRASER, 9th Battalion, AIF. Born at Rockhampton and educated at Allenstown State School. The son of Andrew and Mary Fraser of Nicholson Street, Rockhampton. Enlisted in Rockhampton January, 1916, and went into Enoggera Camp. Attached to the 17th Rein. of the 9th Battalion. He sailed for France April 1916, and arrived June, 1916; went into action at Pozieres, and was killed in action 21st August, 1916. He was reported missing but finally reported killed in action.

No. 817 Lance-Corporal Robert Reid FRASER, 9th Battalion, AIF. Born at Rockhampton and educated at Allenstown State School. Son of Andrew and Mary Fraser, Rockhampton. Prior to enlisting he was an engine fitter, with Burns and Twigg, Rockhampton. Enlisted at Rockhampton August 1914 and went into Enoggera Camp. Attached to the 9th Batt. Sailed for Egypt per S.S. "Omrah" 24th September, 1914, and arrived 6th December, 1914, and went to Meura Camp for training. Left for Lemnos Island 1st March 1915, and thence on 24th April, 1915, to take part in the landing 25th April, 1915. Reported killed in action on 25th April, and was buried on GALLIPOLI.

If I find any others in the course of my reading I shall let you know, just in case you haven't got them. I can't provide photos of the Fraser brothers but I can of Walter Aland Leslie (killed Gallipoli 6/5/1915) should you wish to have one.

Jennie Leslie

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Thank you, although I was aware of these the extra information was invaluable. Yes, please to the photo,


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Lt. Joseph Bagnall Lee (27), Royal Munster Fusiliers. Killed 8 August 1915. Commemorated on the Helles Memorial. A barrister before joining up.

Captain Robert Ernest Lee (35), Royal Army Medical Corps, lost when the R.M.S. Leinster was torpedoed in the Irish Sea on 10 October 1918. Known to his family as Ernest. Buried in family grave, Deansgrange Cemetery, Co. Dublin. Grave S. DI. 47. A doctor before joining up.

Sons of Edward and Annie Lee, Bellvue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Edward owned a number of drapery shops in the Dublin area. Annie (nee Shackleton) was a relative of Polar Explorer Ernest Shackleton. Ernest, Joe and their brother Tennyson joined up on the outbreak of war. Their brother Ted stayed behind to look after the family business.



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Pte. Samuel Mallaghan Reg. No. 10732, 1st Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Age 21. Killed V Beach 25 April 1915. Special Memorial B.46. V Beach Cemetery

Pte. John Mallaghan Reg. No. 10741, 1st Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Aged 19. Killed Gallipoli 30 April 1915. Special Memorial B. 45. V Beach Cemetery.

Sons of John and Annie Mallaghan, 48 Stream Street, Newry, Co. Down, Ireland.



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Private John Good, 8413, 1st Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers. 26/8/15. Helles Memorial.

Private Charles Goode (surname misspelled) 5445, 2nd Bn Royal Munster Fusiliers. 19/7/16. Heilly Station Cemetery-Mericourt-L'Abbes Grave Ref; 11.D. 45.

Sons of John Good, Bridge Lane, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Source: A Journey of Rembrance: Walks in the Footsteps of Bandon Soldiers. Published by the Bandon War Memorial Committee, Bandon, Co. Cork (2005).



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Hello Bob,

I have another two brothers for you who died during ww1


Rank: Private

Regiment: East Lancashire Regiment

Unit Text: 1st/4th Bn.

Age: 25

Date of Death: 13/08/1915

Service No: 2335

Additional information: Son of Margaret Harbour, of 35, Cherry Tree Terrace, Cherry Tree, Blackburn, and the late Thomas Harbour.


Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 113 to 117.


Rank: Corporal

Regiment: Australian Infantry, A.I.F

Unit Text: 34th Bn.

Age: 31

Date of Death: 15/06/1918

Service No: 1830

Additional information: Son of Margaret and the late Thomas Harbour; husband of Joan Cowan Harbour, of Glenview, Currie, Midlothian, Scotland. Native of Cherry Tree, Blackburn, England.


Grave/Memorial Reference: VII. D. 7.

They also had a cousin who was also lost during the war


Rank: Private

Regiment: The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

Unit Text: 12th Bn.

Age: 28

Date of Death: 05/09/1916

Service No: 14683

Additional information: Son of Mrs. Harbour, of 5, Cross Ormrod Street, Bolton.


Grave/Memorial Reference: Plot 2. Row C. Grave 14.

I do not have any photos of any of them, but if anyone out there has I would appreciate a copy.

FYI William was my grandfathers brother.

Hope this helps


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Philip & Pete,

Firstly my apologies for not thanking you sooner, but I've just returned from Gallipoli. These are interesting additions to my already overwhelming list, many thanks,


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