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British holster for a small revolver


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Hi Khaki,

Thanks for the research! Have had a quick internet trawl before bed, so far have come up with this Belgian copy for the London market.





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Yes, that's the type that I referred to, I should have added that the leading edge of the ejector rod housing could also leave an impression on the leather if the fit was initially tight when the revolver was first introduced to the holster, Appears to be quite an accurate copy in your photograph, interesting with the London retailers/importers address on the top strap.


ps. The Colt M1877 was in production until 1909.

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A very late reply, but may I suggest the 1873 Colt Single Action Army as a possibility? The frame, barrel and ejector rod housing would leave the same imprint as the 1877, but the SAA was sold in not insignificant quantities chambered in .455 Eley through Colt's London office.

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