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Thanks Kitcheners Bugle - I agree the pattern looks the same - but he was only a pte, and ForeignGong has searched his extensive data bases and - nothing !!!

Thanks for your fine efforts ForeignGong - see only details I have (see below - do you have record of 'Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane society: Fire medal' in your data base ?

Thanks a lot battiscombe - 'Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane society: Fire medal' is a top British option I have on list and that reference you have given is very very interesting - he was by profession a firewatcher who died in 1944 - could this be it ? and is the reason its straight and no medal was collected - because the war was on and he died in 1944 ?????

Is the ribbon as good a match as the Ld'H match ??(not saying it is that )

Many thanks The Inspector for your keen searches - see following Death Cert and details is all I have - any luck with these in light of above ?

Good luck Sherlocks and cheers Greg

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Hi Greg

The death cert. makes it much easier to filter out all the other William Coopers BUT he's still hiding somewhere!

1911 Census, Wales William Cooper, b.1879 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire is living in Narberth, Pembrokeshire with two of his four children William Henry, 10 yrs and George Thomas, 7 yrs. Both born Jersey, Channel Islands!

According to the census this William is a Gardener, married for 12 yrs, 5 children 4 still living. These figures have been crossed through.

Where is his wife and other two children?

Doesn't mean to say it is him...... just another tangent!

The only Daisy Cooper I can find born 1sr qtr 1893 was in Staines, Middlesex....any more clues?

Regards Barry

Her birth certificate would help.

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Hi there,


This may be very late indeed, but I have checked and there is no William Frederick Cooper on any roll at my disposal as having received a Liverpool Shipwreck & Humane Fire Medal.


There are a few awards that were made especially during WW2, (though mainly Marine Medal awards), that were not recorded in the Annual Reports.  Those are usually recorded in the Minutes so can be confirmed.


Only just joined the site so still getting used to moving around, hope this helps a little.



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