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Remembered Today:

Kit inspection


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A nice postcard shot showing kit layout for inspection. Most likely post-war given the absence of entrenching tool and associated carriers, but I've spotted the SBR under the shiney paint finish helmet and what looks to be a rectangular Mk VI groundsheet ? The rivetless frog suggests 1918 at the earliest. The web equipment is unblancoed. Note the obligatory oil stain on the haversack - extra rifle oil was often carried here in a can. I'm no headgear expert but I suspect the type of cap might narrow the date range. I'd say RWF but happy to be corrected.

The original postcard image is so sharp you can almost read the unit markings on the bayonet pommel - the resolution of the posted image has been greatly reduced to get it to fit. If anyone would like a high res copy, drop me a PM.




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Excellent photo Manxy; just sent you a PM.


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