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Remembered Today:

Russian Soldiers


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I apologise to the photographer but I have lost track of who sent me this pic (may have been you Marco).

Nope. 'tis one of mine! :D

It's at Groesbeek CWGC cemetery, by the way.


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The plaques on the crosses even state "Mort Pour La France".

That's odd. It must be since the replacement of the concrete crosses. Previously, all non-French Nationals (Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Japanese, Russians,etc., etc.)commemorated with French headstones had the words "Mort Pour La Patrie" on their graves.

Mind you, "Pour La France" makes a little more sense for these guys, for if they were "white Russians", their "Patrie" didn't really exist anymore by the time the headstones were made!


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The headstones I was talking about - 'Soviet' and 'Russian' are all WW2. As I said they are sometimes next to one another in a row.

The best suggestion I have had about them is that there were two different blokes making the tallies!

You can also find them written in both cyrillics (as in my photo posted by Terry) and English alphabet. (3 different blokes maybe? :P )


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