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War Gratuity of Soldiers Dying After Discharge


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Hi All

I have just come across a whole series of war Gratuity for soldiers who died after discharge

the series numbers are as follows


The series runs for men who were discharged from service from 1916 to 1918 approx and died after discharge

a quick look shows many of the men died very shortly after being discharged from service

I am sure there will be many none commemorated among them

it also may clear up a few elusive memorial men

as a couple I have looked at there is no mention of their death shown on the corresponding MIC

Regards Ray

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  • Admin

I've seen some of these before. It was the retrospective payments due to the war gratuity not being issued until 1919.

I had wondered about non-com etc but never followed up as I had my hands full with writing my article and thought it may be a big task.


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The IFCP are currently going through soldiers effects records to pick up any non-coms or errors. Lots of 'possible' errors and occasional non-coms so far.

I am in the middle of British West Indian chaps at present.

Ray - I am sure Terry Denham would like to have any you may feel are non-coms


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