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Volunteer Training Corps - any ideas?


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Afternoon all, I have the attached photo of a VTC unit 'somewhere in England' (or Wales, Scotland, Ireland) but there's no information on the front or reverse as to where the picture was taken. The buildings however seem quite distinctive so would any observant soul happen to recognise them?

No prizes I'm afraid but my thanks!



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Definitely VTC but where? As you say your only hope is that someone can recognise the church, interestingly the area in front of the church appears to be paved with headstones so there is a chance that this may assist in identification.

Good luck!


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Many thanks for the reply Robert. I hadn't thought that they were headstones but certainly possible.Picture Postcard Monthly has a couple of pages dedicated to cards of buildings etc sent in for readers to identify the location of - if the GWF fails this challenge (gasp) I may have to look to PPM!


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