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Injured twice in two days?


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I apologise as i do not have access to a scanner to show the document but I was wondering if someone could help with a service record.

In the record it appears that my chap was injured with a SW wound (I assume this is shrapnel wound) and a GSW (gun shot wound).

There are 3 lines of the service record that refer to his injuries. I will try my best to copy them.

Report date: 6.4.18 From O.C.IOH Record: Wounded Place: Field Date: 4.4.18 Remarks: B.215

Report date: 7.4.18 From 44 FA Record: adm SW Shoulder "R" Place: Field Date: 4.4.18 Remarks: A.36.ED.245

Report date: - From 2 GH Record: adm GSW Shoulder "R" Place: HAVRE Date: 6.4.18 Remarks: HLHA 2154.8


Now I assume it probably is the same wound that a medic thought was a shrapnel wound from 44 FA (Field Ambulance I assume) and then when he went to 2 GH (Garrison Hospital) this was then thought to be a gun shot wound. But as the date is definitely different for the two wounds and the location changes to Havre, could it be that he was sent back to the line after a minor wound and was then shot 2 days after?

Just wanted to clarify.


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I think you can be certain that this is a single injury. Most records show injuries as GSW, regardless of what they may actually have been. And, indeed, my understanding is that most wounds were actually shrapnel, but that is used in records comparitively rarely.

I think what you're looking at there is a man wounded on the 4th and treated that day at 44 Field Ambulance. On the 6th, he's admitted to 2nd General Hospital and subsequently evacuated back to the UK.

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It's the same injury, recorded as he moved down the line from the battalion, to 44 field ambulance to 2nd general hospital.


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Left hand dates are normally report dates and right hand are "event dates", injury or admission down the chain of evacuation.

I this case: Report on 6.4.1918 of wound on 4.4.1918; report on 7.4.1918 for admission on 4.4.1918; reported undated for admission on 6.4.1918.


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