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26 MG SQN/265 MG SQN


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Hi All

Can anyone tell me more about the these MG squadrons. Did the 26 (Scottish Horse) Squadron, Machine Gun Corps become the 265 (Camel) Squadron, Machine Gun Corps or vice versa?



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You could check in the NA War Diary database to see dates these units operated. The LLT states that in Oct 1916 26 (Scottish Horse) Squadron MGC (Cavalry) were formed. It may be that prior to this, as they were in Gallipoli/Egypt as part of 1/1 Scottish Horse, that they were named in the 265 (Camel) mode.

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The MG Company with the ICC was known by both names

Currie John Jardine 56017 Pte 26 MG Sqn (265 MG Co) Ex Scottish Horse (5137) and MGC buried Ramleh War Cmetery Palestine KIA 1-12-17

Gordon William McAdam 50447 Pte 26 MG Sqn (265 MG Co) Ex 1/1st Ayrshire Yeo (2138) buried Ramleh War Cmetery Palestine KIA 27-11-17

This officer commanded the MG Company for much of its stay with the ICC Bde

Leadbetter James Greenshields Capt 26 MG Sqn MC - for his actions at Amman 27-3-18 Ex Lanark Yeo

I have around 200 men I found served with this company, but as yet seen no War diary for its time with the ICC?

ICC records show the first mention of this MG Company (called the MG Section) was 17 Feb 1917 where 148 camels were sent to them for converstion, along with a RE Section, Signals section and Vet section all for the Bde.

The Company would have been disbanded along with the ICC in July 1918 so what happened to them after that I am unsure?



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I have checked the index to class WO95 and I can find no mention of a War Diary for this unit.


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