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marc coene

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Have already long time the shell fuse as hereby on photo.

It a fuse with letters inversed compared with other fuses. Somebody known if this is British, French or whatever origine.

there are no other marks or inscriptions to find then the ones for most probably max 20 seconds of delay time.post-46229-0-37148500-1451234649_thumb.j

Thanks for all info.

Regards, Coemar


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It's a Belgian fuze, type 'fusee a Temps de place' according to 'Notes on German Fuzes and typical French and Belgian fuzes' 2nd edition Jan 1918.

Used on the 15 cm gun

15 cm howitzer 15 cm mortar and 12cm gun.

Remarks are;

The milling on the head, and the fact of the figures being upside down, are typical of Belgian time fuzes. The letters EP are typical of all Belgian fuzes (EP=Ecole de Pyrotechnie )

It's a very useful booklet picked up in a flea market for a fiver, it looks like the main source for the fuze information on the passion-compassion website but has a lot more besides, though only sketches of the actual fuzes.

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Picture of the page,attachicon.gif20151228_110321_resized.jpg

Hi thanks, great and clear info. I will still come with some unknown fuses or me. I alread directly added them.



The first one will be British and a base fuse but don't know if this is first or second world war and don't know for which kind of shells it was used.

The 2 following ones are leaden ones, I guess they are German ones.

The last one is strange. Upper part in iron and one part in kind of Zamac, really don't know which type that might have been. Till now I only saw one and that is the one I have.

Thanks again if you could also help here. Kind regards, Marc

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Right hand one looks like it might be a HZ16 Haubitz-Zunder 1916. I'll try and get a pic up tomorrow.

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