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Harry Ackroyd 2034 Manchester Regt


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Hi to all this is my first post so please bear with me,recently my wife acquired her great granddads medals from ww1.I have down loaded his medal index card from the pro and it shows that he was entitled to 'pip squeek and wilfred' unfortunately the BWM is missing,apparently the result of a domestic between her mother and father sometime ago.Anyway his name was pte Harry Ackroyd 2034 who served with the Manchester Regt,I would be very grateful if anybody could point me in the right direction as to find out the whereabouts of his service record especially in which battalion he served.Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi TC & welcome to the forum

(Wont do any jokes as I guess youve heard em all before!!)

does his MIC say which Battalion of the Manchesters he served in?


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Hi and welcome to the Forum.

First question is - did he survive? If not, then he should be easy to track down. If he lived, then it becomes a lot more difficult.

I'm pretty sure that the service number you give relates to one of the Manchesters' Territorial Battalions - the 5th - 10th. Can't be any more precise than that. What other information/dates/numbers/etc is on the index card?

There are two ways forward. First and best is to see if his actual service papers still exist at the National Archives. Only about 30% do (the rest were destroyed in a fire). Click on the link to the Long Long Trail (top of this page) and have a look at the "Grandads war" section. You'll have to visit the national Archives yourself or pay a researcher to do it for you.

It may also be worth contacting the Museum of the Manchesters, at Ashton under Lyne, to see if they have any information that can tie up number s and battalions (although I don't think they do, it'll be worth a try.)

Good luck


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TC here,thanks for the couple of replies so far,the MIC does not indicate which battalion he served in but does say he entered theatre on 5/5/15 if that gives anbody any clues.

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