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I am researching this man who was in overall charge of the Officer's University Training Classes which my grandfather went to and which I have referenced elsewhere on this site http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=227811&page=2

His wife wrote two volumes of her memoirs but doesn't mention her husband much though she does say he served 5 years with the Artist Rifles.

I have found two medal cards on the same sheet which appear to be the same person but I am confused. The Liverpool Regiment database has him as Office.

If anyone can help me sort this out I would be glad.

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According to the Artists' Rifles Roll of Honour, C W H McCall left the Artists Rifles in 1901 but was "known to have served" as a Lieutenant in the Liverpool Scottish.

One of two Medal Cards on Ancestry confirms that Captain Charles William Home McCall was eligible for a Silver War Badge with effect from 4 September 1919, and lists him as serving with the 10th Battalion, Liverpool Regiment (also known as The Liverpool Scottish). The other Medal Index Card says that he had the rank of Captain in the Liverpool Regiment and later had a "Staff" appointment but served only "at home". It also says that he was made a CBE.

The London Gazette has some useful information; on 2 October 1915, McCall was made a 2nd Lieutenant in the Liverpool Regiment "and seconded for duty with a provisional battalion". Promoted to Lieutenant from 1 July 1917, he remained "seconded" and on 3 September 1919 relinquished his commission in the Liverpool Regiment "on the grounds of ill health", being granted the rank of Captain.

His CBE was announced in the New Year's Honours List of 1919. He had already had an OBE (but I haven't found reference to it in the Gazette). In the announcement of his CBE, he is described as being "Controller of the Appointments Department at the Ministry of Labour".

Hope this is of interest.


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The Artist Rifles detail is new to me so thanks for that.

I will look out the other things you mention.

Why would he have had two medal cards?

He was born in Edinburgh so Liverpool Scottish has a logic.

Are there any diaries for Liverpool Scottish which might throw light on his ill-health though perhaps not if he was only at home?

He would have been 40 in 1918.


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If i were you i would send a PM to GWF member Ian Riley, if anyone can help you I am sure he can.


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