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Need Help With Medical Officer Report Writing (by Gillian Dudley)


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Hi there,

I have Pte. George Hillier Parr of The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 18th Battalion Medical Report Sheet from 27/6/17 - 22/8/17 (Death) written by Gillian Dudley

I'm having trouble making out the words and codes in the detailed reports e.g 'five metallic ____ were shown by x-ray in his back'.

I know that he died of GSW to the spine, fractured elbow and cerebal meningitis.

If someone can attempt re-write some of the sentences, it would be much appreciated

I have put the link to ancestry where the records can be found


Kind Regards

Harry Parr

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I believe it states 'Five metallic F.B.s were shown...' - I would presume (from very limited contemporary military first aid training) this 'FB' would likely refer to 'Foreign Bodies' - five metallic fragments of shell or bullet which appeared on the Xray in question.

The page in question is here I believe - I can appreciate the medical terms and doctor's handwriting make it difficult to decipher in detail:

Account of Injuries

I would need to guess on a number of areas where the handwriting and terminology escapes me as a layman.

Clearly a lot of surgical effort went into attempting to save his life. A member with a greater understanding of surgical techniques might be able to offer more assistance.

Kind regards



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supra-pubic cystotomy 16.6.17 (=operation on bladder, cutting a hole through skin to insert tube)

FB (Colin W Taylor is correct with 'Foreign Body/Bodies) removed from elbow 22.6.17

....10th dorsal vertebra to sacrum exuding pus very freely........

...tube in bladder through supra-pubic cystotomy operation wound and urine shewed evidence of cystitis.

...legs were completely paralysed..

...Some sensation remained in region of distribution of anterior crurals, none below knees.

.....one of them opposite 10th dorsal had disorganised the spinal cord

6.7.17 A F.B.removed from inside spinal theca oposite 11th DV (Dorsal vertebra)...

a second fragment removed through a sinus below...

13.7.17 The remaining 3 FBs removed. One was in base of sacrum; some fragments of cloth also removed.

28.-30.7.17 Vomiting and severe headache

31.7.17 Pupils widely dilated. No reaction to light. Nystagmoid movements.

From Aug 1st to death , was unconscius or nearly so

9?.8.10 Spasms with ....of head

..... emaciation with bed-sores.

Hope this helps.

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