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Remembered Today:

relative was in 2/8 londons (p.o.rifles)

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My grandad was in the 2/8 london regiment. He went out to france in jan 1917 and was there until he was hospitalised in sept 1917. He was sent back to uk in october and never returned.

Would it be possible to narrow down his company or platoon, assuming he was in one?

I have some of his records, obtained from the PRO. One, the

CASUALTY FORM-ACTIVE SERVICE describes his qualifications as, "bugler, stretcher bearer and butcher." Another form describes him as "officers cook".

Are the names of individuals recorded anywhere, i.e. regimental records or diaries?

I understand that officers kept personal diaries, are any of these kept at the PRO?

Any help gratefuly recieved!



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Hi Graham, My Father was in No.1 platoon, A coy 2/8 Londons (The Post office Rifles). Busy at the moment but will get back to you within the next couple of days.


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