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Reginald Horace Hyde-Sander, M.C. - photographs?


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I've been researching the service history of Reginald Horace Hyde-Sander, M.C. (1888-1975), and to date I've been unable to find any portrait, either singly or in a group photograph. Can anyone help?

A summary of his service history:-

April, 1915: Gazetted T/2nd Lt, W. York. R. (as Reginald Horace Sander)

(I have his sword, inscribed with his details as of June 1915, giving the 2/8th W. York. R.)

February, 1916: Transferred Leins. R. as 2nd Lt

January, 1917: Promoted Lt

April, 1918: A/Capt. while O.C. a Coy. of R. Ir. Fus.

July, 1918: A/Capt. while O.C. a Coy. of Leins. R.

March, 1919: Lt. (A./Capt.) Reginald Horace Sander, 2nd Bn., Leins. R., awarded M.C.

"For most conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Though suffering from a previous wound he led his company to the attack near Ledeghem on the 14th October, 1918, with conspicuous success, and by fine leadership reached his objective, taking on the way many machine guns and prisoners. While collecting and reorganising the men of his own and other units who were lost in the fog, he was severely wounded by a bullet in the thigh"

August, 1922: Retires, granted rank of Capt. (as Reginald Horace Hyde-Sander)

December, 1922: Capt., Gen. List, Regular Army Reserve of Officers

May, 1927: Posted from Gen. List, R.A.R.O., to E. York. R. as Capt.

July, 1938: Having reached age limit of liability to recall, Capt. R.H. Hyde-Sander, M.C, ceases to belong to R.A.R.O.

February, 1940: Granted Emergency Commission as Lt, R. Norfolk R.

His M.I.C. gives W. Yorks. R., then 3rd Bn, Leins. R. attd 16th Bn, Worc. R.

Hyde-Sander served at Gallipoli from August, 1915, to January, 1916; France and Belgium from March to September, 1916, and then from 14th March, 1918, to 14th October, 1918, where he was wounded twice.

Thanks for any help,


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There is a many Volume "War Illustrated" which has many photos of soldiers who have, apart from other things, won gallantry medals.

There used to be a thread here where you could get help to see if a photo existed there. Not sure who it was, but someone might remember.

Also, have you thought if he might be an Old Boy from a school, college or Uni, which might also have his photo ?

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