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165 Brigade RFA


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Hi Pals,

Need some help please.

Does anyone have a list of personnel for 165 Brigade "A" Battery RFA. Oct 1916 to Sept 1918 or any info at all for 165 thier movements and battles.

My uncle d.o.w in Aug 1918 he served in the 241 worcs and the 243 warks which was disbanded in October 1916, then i lost track of him, did he then transfer to 165 until his death? needless to say his records were destroyed in ww2 bombing of Kew.

His name was Bombadier John Ashley Stinton.

Regards Eskimo :rolleyes:

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Found this post while searching for information on the 165 Brigade RFA in 1918 (in my case the chap of interest, Edward Richard Peachey, was in B Battery).

Their war diary is at Kew - WO 95/2349/3. Looks like I will have to wait for my next trip to find out what they were up to.

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