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R.W.C Article 1236(22) on medal card


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I wonder if anyone can help me with a medal card which I believe is that of my grandfather's half-brother. He was R.H. Bristow and was a driver in the A.S.C. (number 1/26911) and then in the Essex Regiment (number 58216). Out of the Victory, British War and 14 Star medals, the boxes are only filled in for the 14 Star. In "Action taken" it says "Clasp & Roses 1.V 547/2 15/7/21 Clasp/1/3645". Next to this it says "Transfd 8/7/18 Forfeited under R.W.C Article 1236(22) service restored + star issued aut'y men. 24 25/OSC/460". It has Qualifying Date 6/10/14 and then "Clasp/1/3645 WS/1/10908 Embodied in 38/OSC/460". There a few bits of this that I'm not sure I've got right - the Article number could be 1286(22) or 1256(22). Also I'm not sure about the "aut'y men." but that's what it looks like. Unfortunately I downloaded and printed this some time ago before I knew about this forum so I don't still have it on my computer to attach here but I'm hoping someone can explain about why his 14 Star was forfeited and then restored. If I have got the right man, when he married on 12th Sep 1919 his rank or profession was given as "Ex Army Furniture Dealer", but on the birth certificate of his son registered on the 11th November 1919 it gives his occupation as "Private Essex Regiment stationed at Warley". Does this make sense to anybody? I put this up on Ancestry's WWI message board but then reading through the replies to other messages on there found out about this one so sorry if anyone has read this twice.

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Guest Ian Bowbrick

His number is actually T/26911 which means he was a Horse Transport man. Sounds like a spilt MIC ie there is another card in the system with the reference to his BWM/Victory medal.

Need to see the card before making a rational interpretation of what you have said - sometimes the handwriting on these is not clearly legible, a bit like mine which goes to show that the Service hasn't changed in that respect.

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