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Book: The Great War-The Wavering Balances of Forces (overview of war c


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The Great War-The Wavering Balances of Forces (vol 4) by George Henry Allen (American) publ. 1919

Stumbled on a book that seems to cover numerous campaigns/battles of WW1. I've pasted a sample of the table of contents below.

Free online: https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Great_War_The_wavering_balance_of_fo.html?id=tZAMAAAAYAAJ

I Tentative Offensive Efforts of the Western Allies

III The Great Teutonic Drive in Galicia

IV Naval Operations at the Dardanelles

VI The Destruction of the Polish Salient and the Great Retreat

VII The Welter in the Balkans and the The Balkan labyrinth

VIII Internal Evolution of the Principal Importance of the internal development

IX Resumption of Offensive Operations in the West

X The Struggle for Verdun

XI Operations on the Austro Italian Frontier

XII The Battle of the Somme

XIII The Renewed Russian Offensive and the Intervention and Collapse of Roumania

Other volumes are online as well:

Vol 1-The Great War: Causes of Motives for. https://archive.org/details/cu31924088054980

Vol 2-The Great War: Mobilization of Moral and Physical Forces. https://archive.org/details/greatwarallen02alle

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Thanks for posting catfishmo. I can't access Google Books for this publication date, but I found a version on Archive.org (which I can access)


Also Volume 3 The Great War - The Original German Plan and its Culmination


Volume 5 The Great War - The Triumph of Democracy




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