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Michael O'leary's return to Ireland in 1915. Help with dates p

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Afternoon all,

Can any kind soul provide me with the dates of Sergeant Michael O'Leary VC's tour of Ireland after receiving his VC from the King 22nd June 1915?

Many thanks,


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Hi Simon, This might be of use to you.

Its dated 24 June 1915.



Michael O Leary VC.pdf

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The is a lot in the newspapers (see FmP) with photos

As far as I can tell it was not a "tour of Ireland", but "a few days leave" with his parents in rural Cork

The best I can make of his travels is as below, but you would do a better job with more time

He arrived on the overnight boat in Dublin on 23rd Jun, was greeted by all and sundry, took the train to Cork where he was lunched by all and sundry, then went on to his parents village for a few days

At that the press lost interest (I have not got a sub to Irish papers online - which may have more), but he was only there a few days,

He arrived back in Dublin on 2 Jul where he was wined and dined by all

3 Jul at Theatre Royal, Dublin in the evening

4 Jul At a recruiting meeting in Dublin

Again nothing in English press

9 Jul Crossing back from Kingstown "with a few friends" on 9th July

Attends a meeting in London

12 Jul crosses back to Ireland

15 Jul in Cork

16 Jul leaves Ireland

17 Jul in London

20 Jul Still in London

Given an extra weeks leave

27 Jul returns to France from London

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Thanks a million - that's great.

go raibh maith agat

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