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197 and 397 russian infantry regiments

Guest Lucyna

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From my grandfathers polish military records i discovered that he was in the 197 infantry regiment from 14 may 1915. He was wounded and in a military hospital from 15 july 1915. What battles could he have been in

From 16 july 1917 he was in 397 infantry regiment. Wounded and in korosten military hospital fromdec 1917. Again what battles

Elsewhere in records he says hewas stationed in finland but doesnt say when.

Also how were the men allocated to the regiments. Grandfather was from kiev.

Need help

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Hello Lucyna!

I have an info, that the 197.Inf.Rgt. came from Sveaborg. It was called 197Th. Lesnaya Inf.Rgt.

22nd army corps (St.Petersburg)


1st. Brigade (Viborg): 197th and 198. Inf.Rgt.

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The 22nd Army Corps (which was based in Finland until 1914) left Finland early in the war and fought in Masuria and the Carpathes later. It did not return to Finland.

The 197 (Lesnot) Infantry Regiment belonged to the 50th Infantry Division (V Siberian Corps - 1st Army under Litvinov) in February 1915. In June 1916 this Corps was engaged as Livonia coastal defence.

Infantry Regiment 397 (Zaporozhe) belonged in June 1916 to the 100th Infantry Division (formed early 1916), part of XLVI Corps (8h Army, General of Cavalry Kaledin - Southwest front under General of Cavalry Brussilov) in July 1917 it was part of the XLVII Corps on the Southwest Front ("Special Army").


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wow - thank you. I appreciate all information. where can I get information about the military hospitals. My grandfather met my grandmother in Korosten (I think) . they married in February 1918

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There is "Austria-Hungary's last war 1914-1918" the Austro-Hungarian official history in both German and English which is online. It does contain OOBs for both sides so you should be able to find which Austrian or german units these units opposed and the battles it fought until the Russian Imperial Army fell apart in 1917. There are also many maps of these battles. There is also the Russian official history in Russian only online both of these histories were mention on this site in earlier posts.

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